Batimore Sun to gays: Know your place!

March 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today in the Baltimore Sun Lanae Erickson and Jon Cowan write an essay to the gays suggesting that if they want the right to be married, same-sex couples should stop talking about rights and talk more like they are victims and should beg for mercy.

Gays: Stay...stay...don't move and you'll get a treat!

The essay, Gay Marriage: Don’t make it all about rights, refers to interviews conducted by the author’s organization – Third Way, fresh thinking – a Democratic Party think tank.

Interviews were conducted with an undisclosed number of people that reveal supposedly important information that will help same-sex couples overcome the legislative and constitutional barriers that have been erected all over the country. The results show that we gays just don’t get it.

Gays don’t “really understand the true purpose of marriage” and gays “gay couples want rights, benefits, equality and fairness” and lesbian couples wear jeans when they get married.

The conclusion: “Moderates needed to hear that gay couples understand that marriage is essentially about vows, not rights. And they needed to see that gay couples would take the tradition seriously and cherish — rather than mock, even inadvertently — the institution of marriage.”

Don’t say ONE WORD about how heterosexual couples completely take their rights, responsibilities and privileges for granted.  Do NOT talk about how straight couples do not have to uphold the religious doctrine that is imposed on gay couples. Don’t talk about the divorce rate, Las Vegas, The Bachelor/Bachelorette television series and don’t talk about Kelsey Grammer’s multiple marriages or his engagement prior to divorce from his current wife…or the children that are involved.

The Democratic Party think tank in Maryland wants the gays to clean up theiract, get off the pity pot and make the country feel bad for them. The only way to gain acceptance in this country is to wear your Sunday best, mind your manners, and follow the leaders. Stop complaining!

Otherwise you might make the Democrats look bad and we wouldn’t want that.


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