Bronx pastor impregnates 12 yr old girl

March 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

They don’t make them much dumber than this: “A Bronx pastor accused of raping and impregnating a young girl from his church had rejected a plea deal...” Pastor Michael Clare could have copped a plea and admitted guilt and served a reduced sentence but instead he wants to go to trial.

Michael Clare

This married man impregnated a 12 yr old girl! Amen!!

Now if he is convicted of rape he could serve up to 25 years.  He might have only served TWO YEARS but maybe he thinks gawd is on his side…and if so that is one gawddamned forgiving gawd.

There is evidence – strong evidence – supporting the claim.  “Prosecutors purportedly have DNA evidence from the girl’s aborted fetus which shows that Clare is the father.”

Oh and get this – he’s MARRIED!!

This dude hit a real home run in New York State – the state that just can’t seem to figure out how to protect traditional marriage from horny, raping, pastors yet they manage to keep the gays out.

Good luck, Pastor Shithead!


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