West Virginians Snort Bath Salts

March 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Harrison County takes the prize in West Virginia for the most bath salt / synthetic cocaine overdoses this year.  More than 90 overdoses have been reported in the state so far in 2011 and 20% of those cases came from Harrison County.

Bath salts

Wanna do a line?

West Virginians would rather snort bath salts than take a soak in them, but I think we already suspected their aversion to bathing. Actually, these bath salts aren’t the same ones that smell like eucalyptus and make your skin soft and buttery.

Dr. Elizabeth Scharman, the Director of the Poison Control Center in Charleston wants her neighbors to understand that there is a distinction between the two: “People should know that these are not the bath salts that they go and buy in their bath shops or their pharmacy. These are novelty synthetic cocaine products that contains a chemical whose abbreviation MDPV.”

That’s a relief!  If West Virginians thought they’d get high, they might accidentally end up taking a bath and that would ruin everything.


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