Hard ons at Hardees in South Dakota

March 22, 2011 § Leave a comment


Do fries come with that shake?

Before we get into the hot, steamy consensual sex between a 36 yr old man visiting Sioux Falls, SD and a 15 year old trainee, I offer this:

The text of the 2006 South Dakota Marriage Amendment – “Only marriage between a man and a woman shall be valid or recognized in South Dakota. The uniting of two or more persons in a civil union, domestic partnership or other quasi-marital relationship shall not be valid or recognized in South Dakota.”

Now, back to Shannon Manninger.  He is being charged with 2 counts of 4th degree rape and could go to jail for a long time if he is convicted. Mr. Manninger was in Sioux Falls to train employees at a new Hardees restaurant opening in town.

Here’s the part that upholds the ideals of male / female fornication in South Dakota: “Authorities allege that Manninger called the 15-year-old girl’s high school in December and posed as her father so she could be released from school and the two could have sex in a hotel room.” Mr. Minninger indicated that the sex was consensual.

This is how it works in South Dakota – gay adult couples are invalid and illegitimate and do not meet the high standards of heterosexual living.  Straight adults that want to get their dicks wet call the high school and pretend to be the parents of their underage girlfriend so she can be fucked.

That’s how supremacy works!


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