Iowa family hoards farm animals, kids, and feces!

March 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Now I understand why Iowa voters wanted to get rid of the “activist judges” on the state supreme court that recognized same-sex marriage rights. Iowans want to elevate traditional families that raise their children in a suburban home with a small contingent of pets and farm animals, lead by a father arrested on drug possession charges, that also includes clusters of turds left laying around.

Iowa supremacy

How many turds does this gal have in her house?

The Eckerman family from Des Moines is the perfect example of traditional living that Iowans are desperate to preserve by declaring their supremacy over LGBTs: “According to a police report, officers found several cats and dogs in the house, pigs in the kitchen, rabbits in a closet, six to eight chickens living in a dresser-top cage, garbage strewn everywhere and feces throughout the house.” That’s the environment that Jesus was born in (a manger, right?) so if it’s good enough for that bastard then it’s good enough for Iowans.

Whether in a manger somewhere in the Middle East or a cozy suburban home in the capital of the Fartland, traditional Americans do not want activist judges telling them that they have to recognize LGBT families when they’ve got to concentrate on quality nap time: “…(officers) found a 5-year-old girl sleeping with her mother and two dogs in a back room.”




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