Gay bashing / murder / serial killings roundup!

March 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

In the spirit of the opinion – as is often stated – that gay people aren’t persecuted in the same way African-Americans were so we don’t deserve protections or rights or full citizenship, I offer you these updates on some recent stories of anti-gay bashings, murders and etc that have been in the news:

Barie Shortell, 29, was beaten to a pulp on February 22 when he emerged from the subway in Brooklyn. According to the New York Daily News, “the attackers broke his jaw and nose and other bones in his face – requiring 10 hours of surgery and five days in the hospital.”

America isn't homophobic at all

Shortell is uninsured (Gawd Bless America) and his medical bills are expected to be tens of thousands of dollars. A benefit has been planned:  “Gay Bash: A Benefit for Barie Shortell” is at Blackout bar at 916 Manhattan Ave. Wednesday from 7-10 p.m. Admission is $35.”

An interview with Shortell can be found at the Villiage Voice Blog.

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The BBC is now reporting on the possibility of serial killer targeting gay men in Edinburgh, Scotland. “Officers said there was nothing to indicate a link between the three men who have died, but stressed they were keeping an open mind.” There are 40 officers working on the cases.

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Murry Seidman, 70, was beaten to death with a sock full of rocks wielded by a 28 yr old companion who has confessed to the crime late last week in the Philadelphia area. Seidman’s brother, Lenny, says that Murray wasn’t gay, but he was mentally challenged and was being manipulated by the man who murdered him, his friend Joe Thomas.

Lenny says that Thomas convinced Murry “…who was born Jewish to be baptized in the Mormon Church” and that the defense being offered by Thomas (gay panic justified by bible scripture) is a ruse.

Whether Murray Seidman and Joe Thomas were romantically involved or not, the fact that the defence could be used – that religious beliefs could be offered as explanation for beating someone to death – or that Lenny has to address the media to clear his deceased brother’s reputation is enough evidence for this gay that  America has proven it’s homophobic mettle.  

All the preachers in the universe – no matter how much the profess to have gawd as their BFF – can say we haven’t suffered enough if they want to.  Sane people with a conscious know the truth.


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  • Marc Freden says:

    You have Kobe Bryant shouting out the word Faggot…then again with the jets guy and David Tyree speaking out against Gay Marriage…and of course you have Tracey Morgan being downright hateful against gays and there are no ramifications. Even the sight of Weiner’s Weiner has brought down a Congressman. Are people that afraid of Gays in this day and age? Well Marc Freden, too, has been given pause with the issue. As a gay man, even he feels the need to apologize for the blatant use of the word “Faggot” in his new book “REALLY!?!” Now Freden using the “F” word should get a tacit pass…much like black people using the “N” word to describe themselves. His harmless use of the word…(And you must read the book to understand) has lead him to a video mea culpa on YouTube “Marc Freden Must Apologize to the Gay Community”. Furthermore, Freden has pledged that if Kobe Bryant can be fined $50,000 then he too should pay a price. A percentage of every book sold as a result of his apology will go to the Trevor Project – a gay hotline for distressed teens looking for a voice of calm and understanding. It is the least he can do. Who will join Freden in this cause?

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