Male hetero sex fiend: America’s role model

March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been bombarded with updates on the story of this pig and I’ve avoided posting about him because he just makes me sick but this time…this article…this one should be shared – by me and hopefully by many of you.

Dean Kelly, a 40 yr old former model from New Orleans, can’t keep it in his pants….and now he’s gonna be locked up for five months for violating probation because of a hyperactive dick.

Dean Kelly - former model

America's traditional rapist

Now I don’t want to overquote but there are a few astounding things that need to be pointed out in this article. Definitely read the article when you have a few minutes to spare and if you wanna get angry.

First: “…(Kelly) continued to ‘solicit’ women across the city since being placed on probation in August” which lead to his current 5 month incarceration. Pervert – UF

Second: “(The judge) reached his decision after hearing two days of sometimes contentious testimony from 12 female Tulane University students, who said Kelly harassed them through phone calls and electronic messages …and a Lakeview coffee shop employee who said Kelly “lurked” around the shop to try to pick up women earlier this month.” Sick fuck – UF

Finally: “(Judge Shea) also heard a recorded conversation between Kelly and his new wife, who scolded him after finding evidence that Kelly was continuing to try to set up trysts with other women via email.” WTF! Just when I thought this country couldn’t get any dumber or conflicted – UF

Emphasis mine.

He is being accused of three rapes between 2005 and ’10 and yet he has a “new wife.” Is that marriage the tradition America wants to defend or is it simply that this country wants to be able to continue the traditional and sacred practice of hating faggots?


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