Traditional family in Ohio: naked kids, poop and trash!

March 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Gotta love the state of Ohio; the state that hates gay people so much that in 2004 they passed a law against them and amended the state constitution to discriminate against LGBTQ families. Since those two layers of bigotry and animus weren’t enough, in 2011 the Ohio legislature even added one more layer of “we really hate you filthy fags” to their shit-cake of supremacy.

Ohio seal

Ohio seal of hetero supremacy

In the state of Ohio, there is nothing better than a marriage between a man and a woman. When Gov. Taft signed the Ohio DOMA law he said: “Marriage is an essential building block of our society, an institution we must reaffirm. At a time when parents and families are under constant attack within our social culture, it is important to confirm and protect those environments that offer our children, and ultimately our society, the best opportunity to thrive.”

Isn’t that gorgeous?

Here is an example of one of those thriving societal building blocks that are protected and exalted by prohibiting the recognition of same-sex couples: “Clark County deputies discover naked children living among trash, feces and half-eaten food.”

Don’t miss the local news video included in that link.  There are pictures of the filth!

Thomas Wooten, Jr and Colleen Wooten pleaded not guilty to charges of child endangerment. Five children living in a house with a half eaten pizza strewn about on the kitchen floor – two girls under 5 yrs old playing outside without wearing clothes in March – now THIS is an institution that deserves exclusivity and supremacy!




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