Milwaukee cops rape/stalk women & keep jobs!

March 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

One of them even got a promotion!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports at length: “Three Milwaukee police officers disciplined by the department after women accused them of on-duty sexual misconduct continue to wear the badge, a Journal Sentinel investigation found. One of the officers, Scott D. Charles, served a 60-day suspension and has since been promoted to sergeant.”

I guess that’s because women are shady and rules don’t apply to straight men – especially cops! Heterosexual perversion isn’t a deal breaker for full citizenship rights. There aren’t signatures being gathered for petitions to amend state constitutions to prevent male hetero predators from being police officers….or being barred from marriage…are there?

Milford Adams agreed not to arrest a woman if she performed a sex act. “When the woman tried to talk her way out of being arrested, Adams reclined the car seat and told her, ‘You know what to do,’ according a transcript of her testimony in the criminal case.

Milford Adams

Pig 1

Scott Charles was accused of sexual assault. The victim was followed home by Officer Charles after a night of drinking. “Charles told investigators he went into the woman’s apartment because she told him she had been assaulted by her ex-husband in the past and she wanted him to go inside to be sure she was safe, according to the summary. He said the two sexually touched each other consensually and the woman was not unconscious at any point, the summary says.” He has been promoted to sargeant.

Scott Charles

Pig 2

Reginald Hampton’s first accuser admits to having consensual sex with him after he responded to a domestic violence call at her home. “The woman said Hampton came to her apartment while he was on duty about seven times over a six-month period.” He claims to have been off duty but “…he was married and there is a state law against adultery, internal investigators concluded he violated a department policy against breaking the law.” The law that is never enforced.

Reginald Hampton

Pig 3

Hampton’s second accuser had filed a complaint against her boyfriend and then was repeatedly stalked and harassed by the officer: “If Hampton had not been a police officer, she never would have let him into the house, she told investigators. The woman told investigators Hampton performed oral sex on her even though she pushed him away and told him ‘no.’

That’s what privilege looks like. Sure, these cops were scrutinized but ultimately they got away with using their positions to get what they wanted from women in situations that had little power or control. And then they were rewarded.


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