Bevan Dufty & Britney Spears use gays to scratch each others backs

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

The LGBTQ population is often used by politicians to get attention – either by defamation or deference.  It happens all the time.

And that is certainly happened last weekend courtesy of former supervisor and current mayoral candidate Bevan Dufty via the Britney Spears spectacle.

back scratcher

Bevan scratches Britney

Today SF Gate’s culture blog interviews Dufty about his role in getting Spears to perform in town. He had sleepless nights over the planning. There was much to consider.

Not the least of which is his opportunity to look like some kind of community hero for bringing Britney to town for free. But it wasn’t done to promote his candidacy…no no no…it was for the kids! 

Think about the kids:  “Knowing (Good Morning America) wanted to do it in the neighborhood it was important for me to put the focus on the LBGT youth.”

Ah, yes, the youth.  But there was a chance of rain so the concert was moved inside to another neighborhood and tickets (free but not readily available) were required for entry.

So much for the kids.

As for Britney, she attracted media attention and gay love for her performance. She’s got a new album!!  And this weird gay dude running for office in San Francisco wants to hook her up with The Gay! 

She would have been a moron to turn down the marketing opportunity.

Mr. Dufty brought the gays and their wallets to buy Ms. Spears new record and Ms. Spears gives the politician a chance to woo the gay vote for his mayoral campaign.

Quid pro quo.


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