Iowa: defend marriage from gays; feed meth to infants

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

In Sioux City, Iowa a caretaker (not necessarily the father) of three children – a 3 yr old, a 1 yr old and a nine-month old – has been charged with neglect of a dependent person and will face trial soon. He was just watching the kids while his girlfriend – aka: the mother – was at work. You know how it is; not easy to earn a buck these days…especially with all this gay marriage crap going on in Iowa.

Matthew Earl Rausch

Caretaker of Iowa family values

How’s a heterosexual family supposed to survive with faggotry lurking in every corner?  It ain’t right!

This traditional family is just one example of what happens when the straights can’t bogart a sacred social institution (that they treat with the utmost respect) like marriage: “…(deputies found) food, even feces scattered around the home…the bathroom (was) ‘horrendous’ with wet items all over the floor, and a clogged sink...” Also found in the home: “…drug paraphernalia, including three glass pipes, a needle and a razor blade sitting on top of the couch.”

Finally, in a desperate attempt to cling to supremacy in a world succumbing to equal protections: “…two of the children tested ‘very high’ for exposure to amphetamine and methamphetamine.”

What else is a traditional family supposed to do?

This “caretaker” was so disheartened by his lack of exclusivity that he “…admitted to smoking meth and ice in the apartment during the day, with children present.”I certainly hope the residents of Iowa direct their attention on getting rid of the rest of those terrible State Supreme Court justices that found it unconstitutional to ban same-sex couples from being married.



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