12 yr old Dutch girl births her sister/daughter

March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment


No one has been charged with anything yet. But a 12 year old girl on a school field trip had bad stomach pains that turned out to be labor pains.

Faye / Chinatown

Her sister / her daughter

Someone fathered that baby….and I don’t want to draw any conclusions but this is an interesting revelation:  “…the largest daily morning paper in the Netherlands, reports that the 52-year-old father of the girl was previously convicted of sexually abusing a child in a previous marriage.”

Anything can happen, right?  It’s not necessarily her father’s child. Is it?

Aren’t these the kinds of things that LGBTQ people are accused of doing?

Why is it that all the times heterosexuals – especially MALE heterosexuals – engage in this kind of perversion there isn’t a barrage of Christian beed squeezers pissing their pants about stripping rights and amending constitutions and passing laws forbidding straight men from having jobs?

Why is that?

By the way:  This friday the Netherlands celebrates TEN YEARS of recognizing same-sex marriage and the heterosexuals have yet to stop raping their own children.  See – there’s nothing to worry about.


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