Bevan Dufty wants to bribe SF gays w/ Rhianna & Diana Ross

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m sure Dufty would bring those stars to San Francisco to help the kids, just like he did when he dragged Britney Spears‘ lip sync side show to town last week.

As the Bay Area Reporter notes today, it took a village of gays to bring Britney to town and the effort was very worthwhile.

What was accomplished?

Britney in SF

Spears' helping Dufty WIN!

Well, local drag queens got some attention (which required months of negotiation).

And Britney’s new album – released THIS WEEK – was promoted.

Also:  “With almost no direction, the five queens (gave an)…endorsement of Dufty’s mayoral bid.”


Dufty really wanted to have Spears pay a visit to Larkin Street Youth Services and LYRIC (LGBTQ youth organization) but “Spears was unable to visit the programs…(Good Morning America) taped segments with them and recognized the organizations on air and during the Sunday performance.”


Furthermore, Britney went to the new LGBT Historical center (pic from BAR) and she got to meet Scott Wiener, the neighborhood rep on the Board of Supervisors. Can this get any better!!  How do YOU spell success?

Dufty is in discussions with someone at a record company to bring more celebrity gals to town because Scott Wiener needs to meet more singers and these hard working pop stars don’t get to go to many museums.

Who should he bring to town? It’s too bad Laura Branigan is dead. Maybe he could get Ke$ha or Rebecca Black or or or CHARLENE!!

If Dufty can get Charlene to sing at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium – and if he does a duet with her – I would endorse him with NO hesitation.




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