Emmett Burns says gay people aren’t beaten enough

March 31, 2011 § 5 Comments

There are some people that make the claim that gays don’t suffer enough to have earned rights in America.


Just a couple weeks ago a politician in Maryland, Emmett Burns, complained about comparisons being made between the civil rights struggles that consumed much of the 20th century and the ongoing laws and ballot measures that seek to legalize discrimination against LGBTQ citizens.

Burns said: “Show me your Selma, Alabama,… [the attempt to legalize same-sex marriage] violates natural law. It always denies a child either a father or a mother. It promotes the homosexual lifestyle. It turns a moral wrong into a civil right. … [If marriage equality is granted] children will be taught that the homosexual lifestyle is on par with the heterosexual lifestyle.”

Needless to say, Mr. Burns doesn’t address the ways that heterosexual people violate natural law and raise children outside of marriage – or in an extramarital arrangement (aka adultery) – nor does he have any information about what children are learning from their parent or parents (either raised by a single parent or in a blended family) that does not follow any general understanding of morality or civility.

There are no punishments or restrictions or amendments or grandiose statements being made by a bellicose blowhard like him about ANY of the numerous and multiple ways “his people” – those that follow natural law – allow rule bending and breeches of religious code.

But that’s beside the point. Burns said: “Show me your Selma”

Here is the latest surveillance footage of our Selma:

Damian Furtch is the man being pummeled in the footage shown:

Damian Furtch

The latest example of our Selma

Fuck you Emmett Burns.


§ 5 Responses to Emmett Burns says gay people aren’t beaten enough

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