Organized crime family in Ohio murders divorcing daughter

March 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

The Faith Tabernacle Church is praying for the family accused of killing Summer Inman, 25, mother of three children caught in a divorce/custody dispute with her estranged husband, William. The accused family – William A. Inman II, 26, and his parents, William A. Inman, 47, and Sandra Inman, 46 – were long term members of the Church.

William Inman

"Don" of the Inman crime mob

Hopefully, the church goers are also praying for the victim, but don’t count on it. These people are from Ohio and Ohioans are famous for being jesusy goosesteppers. They can’t resist adding laws and amendments to protect the delicate and sacred institution of marriage from the gays. Religious fanatics can’t see past the end of their own nose and may have a hard time thinking about Summer Inman because of her plans to divorce herself from The Family.

William Inman

Strangled the mother of his children

Summer was last seen leaving work on March 22.  Witnesses reported seeing two men force Summer Inman into a white Ford Crown Victoria outside the bank where she was works. A woman with blond hair was seen driving the car.

The next morning, William Inman and his parents were seen on a car wash surveillance video appearing to vacuum and make alterations to a white Crown Victoria.”

Sandra Inman

Bloody Mama

The body of the mother of three children was found in the septic system of the Faith Tabernacle Church on March 30. She appeared to have been strangled – a plastic tie was found around her neck.

Summer’s husband had “threatened to kill” her if she ever “took the children from him.” She also said her husband would take her car keys, wallet and cell phone to leave her “captive” in their own home, the station reports.

Ohio: defending the tradition of one man/one woman marriage and ganging up to kill anyone that gets in the way.

I’m sure Jesus is sitting on a cloud somewhere smiling down on the lovely people of Ohio.


§ 2 Responses to Organized crime family in Ohio murders divorcing daughter

  • Ernest Hurt says:

    actually Ohioians are the greatest people in the world. I have live though out the state and never plan on leaving! In my opinion, the bitch shouldn’t have tried to take away a mans children!

  • Stacy says:

    I didn’t realize this was an unreliable source until I read the ridiculous, whining comments about Ohio not accepting the mentally ill lifestyle choice of gays. The filty author lacks writing skills and did not even bother proof reading.I wonder who molesting him as a child for him to be so bitter and absurd towards an entire state and religions.

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