Traditional marriage in Ohio: force wife to jump into lake at gunpoint

April 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s a damn good thing Ohio has done so much to protect and elevate traditional man/woman marriage. Families must be protected from the insidious influence of same-sex partnering.

Those gay families just ain’t right and all Ohio residents should pat themselves on the back for their staunch belief in sacred Amercian family values.


Where marriage is SACRED!

What gay family do you know could compare to the hallowed purity of the See family from Lorain, OH? 

Brian See’s wife went to police on Wednesday to report the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband starting on Monday night.

Mrs. See’s loving and dedicated husband left her behind when the couple was shopping at Kohls. She managed to make her way to her grandmothers house and contacted her holy husband to ask WTF was the matter with him.

He showed up and kicked and punched his blessed wife and threatened to kill her if she didn’t stop screaming. The reverent Mr. See then dragged his wife by her hair to his truck and eventually drove her to the lake.

“…she told police he fired a round off into the air and gave her the option of taking a bullet in the leg or jumping in the lake, the report stated. ..she jumped in while he held the gun.”

When she emerged from the lake he continued to abuse and threaten and intimidate his wife by making her run at gunpoint, forcing the gun into her mouth, and admonishing her for having him arrested in January for domestic violence.

See what I mean?  Ohio residents should probably be given the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their staunch defense of the instutition of marriage. Gay families would just fuck up the conventional and sacrosanct tradition that is honored and held aloft by everyone – especially Gawd’s BFFs in Ohio.


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