Malcolm X tasted penis too!

April 3, 2011 § 9 Comments

The post mortem homosexual revelations are piling up this week.

A week ago the story (via a new biography) about Mahatma Gandhi having a torrid love affair with a German fellow (Hermann Kallenbach) caused all kinds of heartbreak and gas pain in India – even if the use of the word “torrid” is a huge exaggeration.

Now we hear via the New York Times that, according to a new biography to be released, Malcolm X had “an early homosexual relationship with a white businessman.”

Malcolm X

Light in his loafers

Quelle horreur!!

I can’t wait to read more details about this salacious period of cornholing and frottage in the youth of the assassinated black nationalist leader. I wonder if the story will be as lascivious as the one about Gandhi and his German named Hermann.

The correspondence between Gandhi and his bawdy butt-boy is enough to make anyone still breathing salivate with desire.  In one heavily quoted passage, Gandhi said to Kallenbach: “How completely you have taken possession of my body. This is slavery with a vengeance.'”

That’s positively boner-ific! Such intense penetration! An erotic masterpiece! Can Malcolm’s secret tales of fellatio top Mahatma’s?

Will we hear that Malcolm X shared a long glance in the direction of his inverted while businessman? Maybe Malcolm tapped his foot repeatedly in the bathroom or ran his pinkie along his eyebrow or wore a red tie in the presence of his Caucasian cockgobbler.

It sure doesn’t take much for a biographer to make a big gay connection out of not much at all. As long as it sells books then everyone is happy, right? Publishers, media outlets, and desperate gay historians will have a party. Defenders of X’s impenetrable heterosexual manhood will delight in their opportunity get attention too. Yay!

THIS JUST IN: Elizabeth Taylor (also dead) posed nude for photographs taken by Roddy McDowell (also gay). Dead, gay, dirty – it all adds up!

Is nothing sacred??  Except for marriage I mean….





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