Missouri man guilty of stabbing wife (and mother of his 3 kids) in the neck

April 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

A verdict on the murder case against Aaron LaRose, 34, was reached late last week, finding him guilty of murdering his wife in June 2009 following a hearing on their impending divorce.

Aaron LaRose


The body of Jill LaRose, 30, was discovered in a drainage ditch at the side of a road (outside of St. Louis, MO) on the day of the traditional family’s divorce hearing.  She had been stabbed in the neck three times. Voicemail messages left from Aaron for his wife – he would call her “sometimes more than 160 times per day” – helped the jury reach its verdict that Mr. LaRose was not going to allow Mrs. LaRose the opportunity to divorce him. Was he a defender of the sanctity of man/woman marriage or just an unhinged, bloodthristy lunatic with a wounded ego?

Maybe both!

A little Missouri Googling reveals that the “Show Me State” was the first state in the country to pass an anti-gay constitutional amendment in the year of the amending avalanche (2004 – when 13 states amended). The state already had a law on the books (aka DOMA) that defined marriage as excluding same-sex couples but there was concern that the law would be found unconstitutional (because it is) so an amendment was born – to defend a law that legitimizes bigotry.

You may recall that 2004 was a presidential election year.  Please be assured that the Democrats running to unseat George W Bush (John Kerry and John Edwards) were NOT opposed to the amendment that was passed in Missouri or the others on ballots for the election: “In an interview…Edwards told the St Louis Post-Dispatch: ‘We’re both opposed to gay marriage and believe that states should be allowed to decide this question.'”

Following that remark, Edwards dove face first into his mistress’ pregnant lap and proceeded to snack on her vagina (containing his child) while his wife was being treated for cancer.

ANYWAY – Aaron LaRose must have been exerting his right as a man to (in the words of Vicky Hartzler, spokeswoman for Coalition to Protect Marriage in Missouri) defend the state’s “…wise public policy (in support of traditional marriage)” by stabbing his wife in the neck three times after hiding in “…the trunk of his wife’s Dodge Neon…push(ing) down the back seat, enter(ing) the car and forc(ing) her to drive to the site…” of her death.

As further proof of the worthiness of one man/one woman gawd-bait relations: “Aaron and Jill LaRose had three children together who were 12, 9 and 4 at the time of  her death. He also had children from a previous relationship.”

Isn’t it comforting that states are allowed to decide the questions of citizenship for minority groups – creating ridiculous moral fallacies that are adhered to by no one?




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