EQCA Town Hall meeting in SF on May 19

April 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

Equality California, the largest LGBT political lobby group in California, must be suffering from separation anxiety. Either that or they are desperate to get into the wallets of LGBTQ Californians.

Last week the Executive Director for the past dozen years, Geoff Kors, retired from running the show at EQCA to devote more time to decorating his faaabulous homes in the state (courtesty Michael Petrelis).

Now that he is gone, the interim director has planned to hold Town Hall meetings throughout the state to hear opinions about whether or not a repeal of Prop 8 should be added to the ballot in 2012.

Charms Blo-pop

EQCA must think we are a bunch of suckers

San Francisco’s Town Hall meeting is scheduled to be held on Thursday, May 19.

The alternative to running to the ballot – to be shared again with our less than reliable fierce advocate Barack Obama – would be to allow the courts to continue their drag ass process of declaring the proposition utterly and completely unconstitutional. Once the court finally sorts the matter out their decision could determine how many states other than California might be affected by the determination of the invalid amendment.

When this lawsuit business started, groups like EQCA were appalled – terrified! – about what it would mean to allow the courts to intervene (and possible take away the bread and butter of these organizations). Eventually they embraced the court challenges. 

Now that the timeline is dragging out it seems that EQCA smells chum in the water. People are impatient. Gays have ADD. Momma needs a new pair of shoes!

Suddenly, EQCA is leading the call for open meetings that engage the public to help make this decision.  It’s  a bold move for an organization that avoids contact with the grubby masses and prefers to hang out with the swells that are willing to pay big bucks to have their company.

The last time they went on tour like this was to try to explain how they made such a royal, fucked up, mess of the No on 8 campaign in 2008 even though they raised nearly $50 million. That was a pathetic scene.

Now EQCA is back….without Kors at the helm…and even without the “expert” hired to get things back on track following the disaster of 2008 (Marc Solomon left EQCA last fall)…and they want to know if anyone is interested in helping them raise tens of millions more and trusting them with running another campaign.

Life can present some difficult dilemmas can’t it? What to do…what to do…what to do?  Should we enable these short sighted, greedy, democratic party gay cat herding morons to make fools of us again?

No fucking way.

I can’t wait until Thursday, May 19.  I will be wearing a hat.


§ 2 Responses to EQCA Town Hall meeting in SF on May 19

  • MPetrelis says:

    hi patrick,

    happy to see you finally have a blog. keep posting the criticism and demanding more of gay inc. there are so few voices challenging the rotten, stinking status quo of the political movement for gays, and yours is very much needed.


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