AZ woman feeds feces to her 7 month old daughter

April 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

In late February, Bianca Montano checked her sick infant into the hospital in Tucson, AZ.

At one point, doctors diagnosed the baby with nine rare infections.

Bianca Montano

Uh-oh here she comes! She's a poop feeder!

Interestingly enough, the baby seemed to get sicker whenever the mother paid a visit.  Doctors began to suspect that Munchausen syndrome was the cause and set up a hidden camera in the infant’s room to monitor the visits.

Hospital officials suspect that Montano was feeding feces to her daughter during her visits: “Blanca’s daughter was in critical condition with nine different infections to include fungal, bacterial and viral. (Doctors) indicated the ingestion of feces could cause the infections.”

Munchausen syndrome – aka hospital addiction syndrome – is a psychiatric disorder where the afflicted person claims illness to draw attention to them. Munchausen by proxy is when another person (a proxy) is used as a way to draw attention to the abuser.

Bianca Montano is accused of feeding poop to her daughter because she wants someone to notice her.

Ms. Montano had originally brought BOTH of her children to the hospital (she also has a son) but they were treated and released. The infant continued to be ill and had to be taken back. AZ heterosupremacists are hopeful that the child was fed only straight feces and none of the gay variety.

AZ voters passed an amendment to the state constitution in 2008 that discriminates against same-sex couples. An advertisement in support of the amendment stated: “Marriage is a husband and wife – making a family – and passing life to the next generation.”

Bianca Montano’s marital status is unclear but we can assume that the majority of Arizona voters only want heterosexuals passing life – and feces – to the next generation.


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