CO man, 71, arrested in TX on DUI may have killed wife

April 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Colorado legislature recently managed to stop itself before passing Civil Union legislation to create some faux equality for the gays – which is probably for the best.

After this testimony was presented about how much the anus would be exploited and harmed by Coloroadans it’s clear that the citizens of the state can’t handle Civil Unions:

In addition to the anal harm and sadness that would make the vaginally insertive citizens of Colorado weep with the loss of supremacy was the possibility that the vital institution of marriage might be tarnished by having to share the spotlight with the red-haired-stepchild of faggy Civil Unions.

Marriage works just fine the way it is in Colorado. There’s no need to change a thing.  Just ask Richard Paul Stewart, 71.  He has been married to the same woman for 45 years. THAT is what marriage is all about, right?

Richard Paul Stewart

Colorado's ideal husband

Of course, his wife was found dead Monday, April 4, from a gunshot wound to her head, and Mr. Stewart is a suspect, but that doesn’t mean that his marriage wasn’t traditional or worthy of being exclusive and considered superior.

 Marriage has to be protected from the faggoty faggotness of faggots or it won’t last 45 years like the goddamned gorgeous sweet love shared by the Stewarts…and that would be a fucking shame.

Are heterosexuals supposed to think they AREN’T superior??

Heteros prove how much better they are than everyone else on a daily – if not hourly – basis. Good job, Colorado!!


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