Alabama teacher sexually inappropriate with girls under 12

April 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Harvey Aubin Knotts, 40, is charged with seven counts of sexual abuse involving a child younger than 12 at an elementary school in Huntsville, Alabama.

All of the victims appear to be girls – skinny girls.

Harvey Knotts

Heterosexual school teacher

One of Knotts students, 10 year old Dulce Martinez, spoke on camera to local news: “Today we went to a counselor and we said everything that he did to girls. He’s like touched girls butts. He used to touch my friends butt.”

The citizens of Alabama better get organized and start a petition drive  to restrict the access of heterosexual men from school children. They cannot be trusted. Harvey Knotts had a previous record from Bermuda that was not discovered during a routine background check. He is a person of interest in a 2007 investigation involving minors.

“(Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore) says Knotts has been employed at the school since 2008 and passed the FBI and ABI background checks. However, an international background check is not done.”

Here’s a guy with a record…and a number of new charges pending…REAL EVIDENCE of impropriety, not just trumped up, bigoted, religious fire and brimstone fear mongering. When will the generalizations be made about predatory heterosexual men? When will politicians in Alabama and concerned women of America and national organizations of the protection of children rise up to put an end to the heterosexual menace?


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