Traditional family in Waco TX smells of urine; children taken away!

April 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

Derek and Leslie Peevey had their two children taken from them after their home was declared a disgusting, smelly, rotten mess in February this year. Why are heterosexual couples being robbed of their children?

According to a report from KXXV – the ABC affiliate in Waco, TX: “A search of the kitchen turned up a rodent inside a trash can, and inside the refrigerator, a half-full jug of milk that had expired in August of 2008.”

The state of Texas has a long, proud history of promoting the supremacy of heterosexual relations. What kind of message is being sent to traditional families when they are punished for the way they raise their offspring?

The Peeveys

Traditional family mugshot

This is just what the Pope and Jesus had in mind when they came up with the rules for what defines a legitimate family and one that honors 5000 years of recorded history: “In the bathroom, children’s “sippy” cups were found lying on piles of hair, alongside razors, used q-tips and mold.”

Jesus may not have experienced the sippy cup at the Last Supper but if he did, I’m sure he’d want his to be covered in hair and mold and filled with razors and waxy q-tips. That’s just the way it’s done, people. We’ve got to protect these institutions from rampant faggotry.

Would a gay family be able to say this about their weird children: “The smell even attached itself to the children themselves.  According to an affidavit, ‘The victim had a very strong odor from its body.'”

That’s heterosexual urine…the strong odor of heterosexual urine should not be denied to children.

Would you prefer Texas allow children to smell like homosexual pee?

Do you want Jesus and The Pope to cry?


§ One Response to Traditional family in Waco TX smells of urine; children taken away!

  • Marcus says:

    we all in America feel badly that you have no life. attacking others is not a life. slander is also not a hobby. I suggest you stick to the facts. see you in court Patrick.

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