So. Carolina man shoots gf and is caught with his pants down

April 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

South Carolina seems like such a gorgeous place. There are Jesus-loving traditional families everywhere. No gays ruining marriage or other sacred institutions.

And everyone has a gun.

Jared Chappell was at home eating potato chips when he heard gunshots and his wife screaming. He grabbed his gun and ran outside. “When I ran I rounded that middle trailer and he was standing out in the yard. He had a gun in one hand, his pants was (sic) around his ankles and I pointed at him and told him to get down or I’m going to shoot you.

Johnathan Givens

Traditional baby daddy

Johnathan Givens had shot his girlfriend (and the mother of his baby) in the foot during an altercation that began inside their home and spilled outside where the victim “…was running around. Blood was gushing out of her foot, like it didn’t matter to her. They were drunk. Both of them.” Of course they were! This was in a trailer park in South Carolina where intelligent ideas are concocted and life is held in sacred christlike reverence.

The Givenses are just like the other residents of the state of South Carolina that passed an amendment –  78% in favor – to their state constitution that reads (in part): “…the institution of marriage in South Carolina consists only of the union between one man and one woman. No other domestic union is valid and legal. The State and its political subdivisions are prohibited from creating or recognizing any right or claim respecting any other domestic union, whatever it may be called, or from giving effect to any such right or benefit recognized in any other state or jurisdiction.”

It sounds to me like whoever wrote that amendment was also drunk. The people who voted to pass it were probably drunk too. And armed. And probably either divorced or had squeezed out an out of wedlock puppy or two somewhere at the side of the road. The voters probably had their pants at their ankles when they showed up at the polling place.

Americans can sleep soundly with the knowledge that their precious institution of traditional marriage is safe in the hands of drunken unmarried procreating people that shoot each other with their pants at their ankles.

That is exactly what Jesus had in mind when he created marriage 5000 years ago.


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