Ban Hetero teachers in No. Carolina – save our kids!

April 27, 2011 Comments Off on Ban Hetero teachers in No. Carolina – save our kids!

Young male school teacher

Mr. Semen porked a student

A young woman in North Carolina wrote an essay about a high school teacher that she had sex with, got pregnant, and then had the baby aborted – and she didn’t make it up!!!

I guess this wasn’t an assignment in her creative writing class.

The title of the essay (“I had an affair with my high school teacher”) lacks imagination and mystery but the content of the piece was enough to have the teacher, Terry Lamar Jones, 28, charged with 64 felony counts of sex with a student, each one punishable by 15 months in prison.  Mr. Jones just couldn’t help himself.

Clearly, heterosexual men should not be allowed to teach young, impressionable girls because they cannot be trusted around ripening vaginas. 

This proves that heterosexual men are predators and are disguising themselves as teachers in order to gain access to American youth and indoctrinate them in the salacious world of cunnilingus and coitus – similar to the false generalizations freely espoused and propagated by right wing religious fanatics about gays.

North Carolina voters have not – repeat (and I hope you are seated) have NOT – passed an amendment to their state constitution that discriminates against homosexual relationships (they are trying) but  they do have a law against recognition of gay relationships. 

This  anti-gay law hasn’t protected the young college age woman  who is now haunted by the sound of her teacher’s coagulated semen being sucked out of her birth canal: 

“The sound of the vacuum still rings in my ears almost three years later,” she wrote. “He had taken me to Greensboro because he was scared of someone from school or anyone catching us together at the abortion clinic — didn’t want anyone `getting the wrong idea.'”

What is the “wrong idea?” Perhaps the wrong idea is that marriage, tradition, and moral values are not defended by enforcing anti-gay bigotry.  The hetero predators, abusers and serial divorcers will still rage on….no matter what gawd, The Pope, or Donald Trump says.
If North Carolina wants to protect the children they should pass a constitutional amendment that keeps heterosexual men from becoming teachers.


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