Virginia 5-yr-old girl, caged, starving, nude, and slathered in feces

April 30, 2011 § 2 Comments

Just another traditional home in the supremacist state of Virginia.

Brian and Shannon Gore have a one month old baby and a five year old girl that they kept in a crib with a board over the top keeping her contained in a cell like structure. She was also starving and coated in shit…barely alive…but still living.

Police also uncovered the body of a child buried in the back yard that was not quite as lucky as the girl in the cage.

Brian and Shannon Gore

Virginia is for lovers!

Shannon and Brian Gore were upholding their end of the bargain: one man / one woman, married, living together and raising their little gifts from gawd. That’s the way the citizens of Virginia want it to be. In their minds those are the families that gawd blesses and consequently the only ones that the state will recognize and boast about. The Gores didn’t seem to be boasting about all of their children though.

The neighbors thought they only had one baby – the newborn. No one knew about the girl in the cage or the baby buried in the yard. Why were the Gores keeping the news of these blessings from gawd to themselves?

Gawd tells male/female couples – the Adam and Eves of America – to pair up and be fruitful and multiply. Do it!!  Pass laws to make sure you do it and do it well and do it often and don’t let anyone else do it because NOBODY does it better than a man/woman couple.

In the narrow and swampy minds of many people in the state of Virginia a man/woman couple is the ONLY way that children can be raised.  Those families must be protected from having to share legal privileges with same-sex couples because gawd Jesus lord and the old man in a dress that lives in Italy just don’t like the sound of it and Virginians do what those two institutions tell them to do.

That’s why Virginia has the the strictest anti-gay relationship laws and amendments in the entire country.

Man/woman families like Shannon and Brian Gore are the ideal that gays can’t uphold. Two gays have repetitive genitalia. It’s redundant! There’s no pole for the hole (or vice versa) and those gays are confused and don’t know what they are doing.


Holy fishbowl special effect

The Gore family knows what they are doing. They have the glow of the holy fishbowl over their head.

Thank gawd those three children weren’t being raised by two gays.

Imagine the horror of that.


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