Heterosexual men (like Kenneth Kyle) will rape your children!

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Do I have that right? 

I’m sure I head differently somewhere….was it in Minnesota?? 

Yes, it was!  According to the Minnesota Independent, “(the) Family Council states that gays and lesbians engage in bestiality and ingest human excrement and claims that a disproportionate number of “homosexuals” are pedophiles.”

I knew I heard that somewhere recently.

Kennth Kyle

Heterosexual predator

I guess they never heard of Kenneth Kyle, former assistant professor of public affairs and administration at Cal State East Bay in Hayward. Mr. Kyle pleaded guilty today to crossing state lines to have sex with a minor.

But that’s not all: “…another indictment in St. Louis accuses (Mr.) Kyle and Tessa VanVlerah, 21, of Ballwin, Mo., of molesting VanVlerah’s 13-month-old daughter, with the mother’s consent.”

Tessa Van Vlerah

Has a thing for kiddie porn

With the mother’s consent.

Paging the MN Family Council!  Come in!!  We have a message for you!!


Jonathan Weaver tied up & gagged his gf’s toddlers so he could watch ball game; gets 2 yrs

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Almost exactly 2 years ago, Jonathan Weaver was babysitting his girlfriend’s two young boys while she attended a class at night school, but he had a dilemma.

It was June 2009. The NBA finals were being televised. His buddies were getting together to watch the game. His girlfriend’s two boys (a one year old and a two year old) probably weren’t potty trained. What’s a 20-yr-old guy gonna do?

Jonathan Weaver

Loves basketball

Mr. Weaver had a great (and terrible) idea: he took the two toddlers to the garage, tied them to their car seats, gagged and hooded them and then went to watch the game with his bros.

Those aren’t his kids anyway, right? Bros before ‘ho’s!

The girlfriend, Amy Beltran, was pregnant with seed from Mr. Weaver’s bugling nut sack (probably larger than his brain) at the time of the incident.

Young Mr. Weaver has been sentenced to up to six years after pleading guilty to child abuse. He has been in prison for two years already so he may be released and placed on parole shortly. He says he is sorry.

So sorry. He’s been told that mistakes are part of being young. But that don’t right the wrong that’s been done.

Sure, he was only twenty years old and maybe the two teams involved in the 2009 NBA playoffs didn’t include his home team (Los Angeles v Orlando) but you’ve gotta cut the guy a break – he’s heterosexual! Heterosexuals need more leeway in their practice of parenting and adulthood and relationship recognition. They don’t have to worry about upholding tradition and the sanctity of penis/vagina relations and 5,000 of recorded history.

That higher moral threshold is reserved for same-sex couples to obey.

Nevada has a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as being exclusive of same-sex couples. But the state passed Domestic Partnership legislation – overriding sex scandal plagued Governor Jim Gibbon’s veto – in 2009.

The DP law – akin to a “colored only” drinking fountain law – has many of the same privileges as legal marriage does in the state of Nevada, with a few exceptions: public agencies/employers are not obligated to extend health insurance coverage to the partners of faggots and applicants must be at least 18 years old.

With the consent of a parent, a 16-yr-old can be legally married in Nevada.

Basketball shorts

Who could blame Jonathan for wanting to watch this?

We have to make queers wait a few extra years to have their red-haired-step-child legal recognitions because they need to think a little bit harder about entering into a commitment that may deprive them of full privileges.

Legal marriage is reserved for heterosexual men that impregnate their girlfriend and then tie up, gag and abandon her two out-of-wedlock other offspring before watching a gaggle of grown men run around after a ball with testicles bouncing around loose in their baggy gym shorts.

Some privileges are granted by gawd, you know.

Felicia Rae McClure wanted to sell her daughter’s virginity in Utah

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According to supply and demand, wouldn’t you think that Utah would be kind of a difficult place to sell virginity at a good price?

Isn’t Utah populated by Mormons that run around with their hymens preserved in amber for Jesus or the aliens (or whatever being it is that those people believe in) that insist on keeping vaginas hermetically sealed??

Maybe the virginity itself wasn’t as attractive as the age of the girl being sold – by her mother – Ms. McClure’s daughter is 13-yrs-old.

Felicia McClure

Upholding Gawd's will in Utah

Now, Mother McClure could face life in prison charged with two first-degree felony counts of aggravated sex abuse of a child and two second-degree felony counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Some guy named “Don” offered to pay $10,000 for the opportunity to rape the 13-yr-old girl with her mother’s consent.  Fortunately, the girl backed out of the deal. 

I hope her resistance frustrated the hell out “Don the Perv” and annoyed her asshole mother.

Felicia “Asshole” McClure took her daughter to Victoria’s Secret and had the girl model in lingerie. The pics Felicia the Asshole took of her daughter while modeling were sold to some other hetero perv we will call “Will the hetero pig.”

According to ABC News, “two of the photos that McClure (took) show the girl’s entire buttocks…” Maybe that was her daughter’s best look. At least Mother Asshole wants to capture her 13-yr-old daughter looking good. She’s gotta keep the best interest of her child in mind.

Those interests were discussed earlier this year when the Utah state legislature blocked passage of a bill that would have extended adoption rights to the non-biological parent in a same-sex relationship.

During the debate in the legislature a supremacist from Phyllis Schlafly’s pinched anus club, the Eagle Forum testified that “The best interests of the child is marriage.”

Eagle Forum

Phyllis Schlafly's tramp stamp

Since gay couples are barred from marriage in the state of Utah, they are also barred from becoming the legal guardian of their partner’s biological children.

According to the Eagle Forum’s website: “We believe government exists solely to protect the people’s God-given rights.”

And those Gawd-given rights apparently give Felicia Asshole McClure the right to try and sell her daughter’s vagina to the highest bidder, serve a life term in prison for breaking the law, and have the right to get married and divorced repeatedly while being punished for her disgusting crime.

Apparently Gawd only gives rights to fucking assholes.

Ronald Harris beat his gf because the eggs were runny

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Doesn’t Ronald’s girlfriend know that the TRADITIONAL way to make eggs in the state of Pennsylvania is with very little milk?  That’s how gawd likes his eggs.  And the Pope. And Maggie Gallagher.

Rick Santorum says if you like runny eggs you probably would fuck a dog.

Let’s face it, people:  Tradition is under attack in states like Pennsylvania and someone – perhaps Ronald Harris – needs to draw the line somewhere.

Ronald Harris

Scramble the eggs right, woman, or he's gonna scramble your face.

That’s why he knocked his girlfriend around last weekend and left her on the front lawn “…crying with a cut lip, and scraps on her arms and shoulders.”

If you can’t make eggs the right way – there is only one way to make them (the way the MAN likes to eat them) then you should be beaten.

This is what PA State Rep Daryl Metcalf means when he proposed an amendment to the state constitution: “Once again, it falls to the responsibility of state lawmakers to restore the rule of law and carry out the will of the people.”

The people of Pennsylvania want their eggs cooked correctly and they want their marriages cooked properly too:  one man – one woman with eggs made in a biblical fashion or breakfast will consist of a knuckle sandwich, a bloody lip and tears.

Ronald and Daryl know the score. 


Protect the traditional egg from faggotry!

After Daryl’s marriage amendment is passed, the next amendment will be all about the eggs.  Because traditional eggs are under attack.

OK teacher Michelle McCutchan fucks her daughter’s 16-yr-old boyfriend

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This probably isn’t even necessary is it?  By now are we just assuming that this is what goes on in states like Oklahoma?

At least THIS teacher isn’t getting cornholed by one of her students (that we know about).

Michelle McCutchan

Likes 16-yr-old wieners especially when they taste like her daughter

Michelle McCutchan, a 38-yr-old elementary school teacher in Checotah, Oklahoma admitted to police that she had at least five sexual romps with her 16-yr-old daughter’s boyfriend – and she video taped a few of the filthy sessions.

But that’s not all. According to the Daily Mail: “The mother of one also sent the teen nude pictures of herself as well as sexually explicit texts during their five month affair.”

Ms. McCutchan faces 10 years in jail if found guilty of second degree rape and one count of sodomy.

Keep in mind that Oklahoma is the home state of gawd’s warrior, Ms. Sally Kern, a Republican state legislator.

Sally Kern

"sometimes I fart when I pee"

In 2008 Ms. Kern said: “Studies show that no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than, you know, a few decades. So it’s the death knell of this country. I honestly think it’s the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam — which I think is a big threat, okay? Cause what’s happening now is they are going after, in schools, two-year olds…And this stuff is deadly, and it’s spreading, and it will destroy our young people, it will destroy this nation…”

A full recording of Ms. Kern’s deep religious thoughts can be heard here.

You will probably find scores of Oklahomans willing to believe this twisted erotic fantasy, Sally, but that fantasy should not be confused with the facts.

What is really spreading in Oklahoma – besides lies and defamation – are the legs of 38-yr-old elementary teachers – and they are being spread in the company of their daughter’s 16-yr-old boyfriend.

Children of heterosexuals are under attack – by heteros!

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Over the weekend various media sources reported a spate of stories about American children under attack by heterosexuals.

In Brooklyn, NY, Laquasia Wright, 18, was arrested on Sunday after her newborn son was found in the trash compactor of the apartment building where she lives.


Bags full of unwanted babies?

The baby survived an 8 story drop from the floor of his mother’s apartment to the basement most likely buffered by accumulated garbage. The umbilical cord was still attached.

The NY Daily News reports that “…the building’s superintendent called police after hearing the baby’s cries from inside a plastic trash bag.”

On Saturday, May 21, ABC News reported on an epidemic of sex scandals in Texas high schools:  three female teachers from three different school districts have been arrested for having sexual relations with their students.

One story was already covered here and is been updated: Brittni Colleps is accused of having an orgy with a group of her students. Another woman, April Alexander, is accused of beginning a sexual relationship with a 16-yr-old student in 2009. Third, Angela New was arrested for cornholing an 18-yr-old student. All three of these tales of ejaculatory excess emanate from the Dallas area.

The Daily Mail article linked twice above has additional tales of female teachers gone wild – check that out!

Finally, a horror story of heterosexual adoptive parenting from Washington state. Jeffery and Rebecca Trebilcock were arrested late last week and charged with starving and abusing five adopted children.

The Trebilcocks themselves appear to be well fed as do their three biological children. According to KOMO News: “The children told detectives their adoptive parents put an alarm in the kitchen that went off if the children went to get food. They were hit with a wooden board if they did.”

Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock

Fat fucks that starved their adopted kids

A video report from local CBS affiliate KOIN states that some of the 5 adopted children were rescued from Haiti. Also, neighbors appeared at the hearing (captured on video) to defend the Trebilcocks saying that “…the couple is being wrongly accused and that the 13-year-old boy has fabricated stories.”

That 13 year old boy was so malnourished that doctors say his growth has been stunted. He and his adopted siblings resorted to eating goat food, dog food and dandelions while being starved by their heterosexual parents.

With horrifying tales of attempted murder of infants, sexual molestation by teachers and vicious abuse and torture of adopted children, one would think an argument could be made that questions the supposed superiority of heterosexual relations and child rearing.

Even in light of the attacks on innocent, law abiding, and respectable LGBT citizens that are proposed and about to get ugly in Minnesota, Tennessee and New York State there is total silence around these nightmarish stories of heteroseuxal behavior.

If LGBT people must be defamed to promote a supremacist agenda or unpopular political platforms then surely these disgusting tales of the criminal deeds of the people credited with upholding tradition and exhibiting natural law should be plastered on every gay blog and news site on the internet.

EQCA’s passive aggressive Town Hall meeting in San Francisco

May 22, 2011 § 24 Comments

California’s leading LGBT lobbying organization Equality California held the first of many statewide Town Hall meetings in San Francisco on Thursday, May 19 at the LGBT Community Center.

EQCA logo

Used car salesmen?

EQCA will lead a total of 12 of these Town Hall meetings over the next three weeks throughout the state (including one tonight in West Hollywood) as a way to gather “…input from the community about the wisdom of moving forward with a ballot initiative” in 2012 to repeal Prop 8.

According one of the five panelists that led the meeting, Andrea Shorter the Deputy Marriage and Coalitions Director for EQCA, there will be a rotating group of community leaders facilitating the meetings with Ms. Shorter being the single constant presence.

In San Francisco Ms. Shorter was joined by Managing Director Jim Carroll, legal consultant Shannon Minter from the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Tawal Panyacosit from API Equality and David Binder from Binder research.

The evening began with a presentation from Mr. Minter about the Prop 8 trial – a little history, a little refresher, a lot of summary about stuff we know too well AND forecasts of what could come. The moral of the story in regard to the Prop 8 trial: get ready to wait and don’t expect anything but waiting. The CA Supreme Court has to chime in about standing. The 9th Circuit court takes over again after that. Decisions can go in any direction and could end up at the US Supreme Court sooner on one matter or later on the big picture which makes everyone shit their pants just a little bit.

A range of decisions on the trial would happen between 2012 and 2014 and the outcome at any point may not be what we want.

Mr. Minter didn’t specifically mention this overused phrase, but at the end of his spiel he could have uttered: “I’m just sayin’…” and it would have been fitting.

Next up was David Binder from Binder research with a SURPRISE! He had a slide show to present with results of a telephone survey (that was commissioned by EQCA and others for an undisclosed fee) conducted with 900 Californians between May 10 and 14. The stats were divided up in different categories that showed bars vertically then horizontally and I can’t exactly regurgitate ANY of the specific findings because the results weren’t made available to the audience in a printed take away format.

The panel was asked if the slide show would ever be accessible and the panelists all took turns looking at each other and belching.

I guess that means the results probably won’t be available.

Binder’s survey revealed that opposition to same-sex marriage in California has barely wavered. Over all there is 45% support for marriage equality and 45% opposition. The big change is that now there is 10% of the population uncertain about what they think. That is more uncertainty than ever before.

Among the various demographics of those surveyed the results pretty much fell along the same lines. Church goers still hate us as much as ever. Right wingers do too. Old people are still bitter that they don’t get laid. African-Americans and Latinos are increasingly ambivalent, which I guess is positive news.

These results haven’t changed a whole lot since 2009 when angry gays energized by the passage of Prop 8 gathered in southern California and Fresno and fought like rabid dogs about going back to the polls in 2010. At that time, EQCA said there was nowhere near enough support to bother with a new ballot measure. They expressed no interest in participating in a campaign and the repeal effort pretty much died at that point (except for some hard core groups that fought on and ultimately failed).

To EQCA’s credit, they said they would revisit a repeal campaign for 2012 and that’s what is motivating this dozen Town Hall meetings. Props to them for following up.

Unfortunately, this endeavor smacks of insincerity. At least it did at the first meeting.

We are greeted with negativity and pessimism about the court case – an honest assessment even if dark. The court case is rife with uncertainty over which California gays have little control and no input. Then we are painted a rosy picture of survey results that aren’t exactly rosey, and that wasn’t glossed over but Ms. Shorter did ask the room why there seems to be so much negativity and gloom and doom present.

Why indeed?

Members on the panel were quick to point out that EQCA is merely gathering information on this tour. They are going to reconvene following the meetings and assess the findings and meet with other organizations and a decision about a repeal effort will be made…by the adults….in a dark and private room probably….while the rest of us sit at the kids table wondering when or if we will be excused.

Mr. Minter refused to be nailed down to offer an opinion about the risks of allowing another vote to repeal Prop 8. Considering how close the survey numbers are and the vast numbers of undecided people, if a repeal is successful isn’t it likely that an effort to re-enact Prop 8 could follow in 2 or 4 years?

Minter did say that a repeal of Prop 8 would officially end the Prop 8 trial. So a repeal would kill that progress. And a failed repeal would also give the justices that are in the process of considering the validity of Judge Walker’s decision a great deal of pause. Maybe Walker was wrong. Maybe the public opinion against a repeal deserves attention.

Any questions raised about a campaign to repeal were deferred to the “we’ll have to take that under consideration” file because the matter of campaign strategy hasn’t been addressed. Any opinions raised about the dismal No on 8 campaign that was directed by EQCA in 2008 were politely considered, defensively addressed or more or less ignored.

EQCA wants us to decide if we are interested in participating in a campaign that they won’t tell us anything about.

Used car salesman

Got $60 million laying around?

Hey, California gays – wanna buy a used car? It’s got an all new interior and it’s gonna be really fucking expensive and I know you are broke, but stop being negative and click your heels three times and just buy the goddamned thing.

You might regret the purchase in a year or two.  If you do we’ll remind you that we warned you the car was a shitty mess and we’ll blame YOU for being a bunch of punk ass bitches.

It’s all good!

PS. h/t to my peeps, Michael Petrelis and Steven Zollman for helping me catch some details and maintain sanity.

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