Traditional behavior in Tempe? AZ man wags his wiener at women

May 2, 2011 § 4 Comments

Matthew Flentge, 43, was arrested last Saturday outside an apartment complex where he was flashing and massaging his gift from gawd (aka his sorry ass excuse for a penis).

Matthew Flentges

Privileged hetero perv

The (presumably) heterosexual man was captured on surveillance cameras skulking around the building. Flentge fits the description of a man that has been plaguing area woman in recent weeks.

According to the article at  “Police reported that in each of the incidents, victims said a man called out to get their attention while they were sunbathing and would proceed to expose himself and masturbate.” 

Maybe his junk was over heated!  It gets HOT in Arizona. That is true, but it wasn’t too hot in the state to protect the rights of men like Mr. Flentge.

Sure, he’s a disgusting warped pig with a record (including indecent exposure and sexual conduct with a minor) but doesn’t mean he should be denied the right to marry the woman of his choice.

Arizonans voted in 2008 to amend the state constitution (reinforcing the state law that defines marriage as one man/one woman) against recognition of same-sex couples. Following the passage of the amendment, the proponents of the measure said: “Today’s results show how simple and timeless values can unite people from all ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds.”

That includes men with itchy cocks – like Mr. Flentge. The citizens of Arizona proved in 2008 that they are untied with the simple and timeless values exhibited by Matthew Flentge and opposed to relationships between law abiding same-sex couples.

I guess it’s true what they say about water seeking it’s own level.


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