Domestic violence in ID and OR nets one dead wife, one merely battered

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Children of “traditional” (aka man/woman, sacred, gawd’s favorites, historically profound) couples were not spared an outbreak of violence in (at least) two homes recently.

One instance of Adam and Eve (not Steve) spousal abuse included an innocent neighbor nearly being shot.

Josiah Wolf

Likes to threaten his wife infront of children

Josiah Wolf, 28, was arrested after having a knock-down drag-out fight with his wife – in front of several children – on Sunday in their home in Troutdale, Oregon. After inflicting injury, Mr. Wolf sought out his firearm.

Somehow the gun had discharged and Mr. Wolf called the police. He reported that he shot his gun off accidentally while cleaning it.  Although, KATU reports that “…police said they found no cleaning supplies, just the loaded reolver with one spent cartridge.” The woman in the neighboring townhouse managed to miss being shot by approximately eight feet when the bullet traveled through the walls.

Mrs. Wolf was quite upset when police arrived and had visible facial injuries. I wonder why Mr. Wolf was cleaning his gun after beating his wife.  Maybe he was thinking about all the potential same-sex couples that are trying to get married and he felt threatened.

Doesn’t he know that Oregon passed an amendment that defends his marriage as being the standard that all citizens should seek to uphold?

While Mr. Wolf’s wife (and neighbor) was lucky to have dodged the bullet, Judith Johnson wasn’t as fortunate.

Ms. Johnson was found dead not of a gun shot but of blunt force trauma believed to have been delivered at the hands of her husband, Michael Lane Sparks.

Michael Sparks

Killed the mother of his children

Following the beating, Mr. Sparks took off in his car and ended up hospitalized after rolling his car in a crash. He is expected to recover. His children, on the other hand, might have trouble recovering for the rest of their lives.

Neighbors say the couple had 2 children. A 12-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl.”

What makes heterosexual men so angry and abusive and insecure and criminal?

Mr. Sparks has been involved in multiple domestic disturbance calls at the residence and a stay away order was in place. That stay away order didn’t stop him from killing his wife – the mother of his children –  and neither did the state constitutional amendment nor the legislation that defined marriage in Idaho.

Who is the bigger threat here – gays or heterosexuals?  Why are there no amendments being passed to protect this precious and glorious institution from lunatic thugs with small dicks in Idaho and Orgeon?


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