MO father to his son: “I’m gonna punch you in the f-ing face”

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Bethany and Paul Jenkins (both 27 yrs old) of Liberty, Missouri, have been arrested and charged with five counts of child endangerment.

Paul Jenkins

Punched his kid in the face

On Wednesday, a neighbor called the police after hearing Paul Jenkins was threatening his children with a knife. When police arrived they noticed that four of the five children were locked into a room that reeked of urine and feces.

The infant was kept in a crib in another room that was soaked in new and day old urine.

According to an NBC news affiliate, neighbors had been repeatedly reporting this family to authorities and are relieved that action is finally being taken to protect the children.

In the video report, one neighbor said Paul Jenkins once attacked his oldest son in public.

He (the boy) sat down on the ground and the dad told him to get up and stop crying and be a man or he was going to punch him in his f-ing face, then punched the little boy in the face in front of everybody,” Underhill said. “The school bus was even here!”

Bethany Jenkins

Missouri Mother of the year

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins must have been feeling very confident in their traditional and supreme parenting skills when they dodged recrimination for their child abuse. Maybe the Jenkins’ felt they were fulfilling their duty as a heteroseuxal couple upholding the will of gawd.

The Jenkins’ family was just beginning to expand back in 2004 when voters in Missouri passed the first state constitutional amendment in the country that designates same-sex couples as being inferior and illegitimate.  The amendment passed with 70% support.

At the time of the passage of the amendment, Vicky Hartzler, a spokeswoman for the Coalition to Protect Marriage in Missouri said: “I’m very gratified and encouraged and thankful that the people of this state understand our current policy’s a wise public policy and they want to see it protected from a legal challenge.”

Missouri families understand that they are charged with raising the next generation of real men in this country and they don’t want any faggot families diluting the tradition of superior hetero parenting.

And if little boys in Missouri don’t act like men, their fathers will punch them in the fucking face because that’s what real men do.


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