TN high school teacher Stacy Hopkins has sex with her male students

May 8, 2011 § 3 Comments

An Assistant Principle at Arlington High School in Memphis, TN was contacted by the ex-boyfriend of a teacher at the school who told her that Stacy Hopkins, 28, was texting nude photos of herself to students.

Stacey Hopkins

Put it in the Arlington High Wellness Instructor

According to The Commercial Appeal: “the male students, now 16 and 18 years old, told school officials that they received the text messages. They also said they had sexual intercourse with the teacher…

Hopkins is something called the “wellness instructor” (aka gym teacher) and she confessed to fucking the young men that were students in her class.

Having read about this case of statutory rape and sexual exploitation of minors taking place in Tennessee, the story about the “Don’t Say Gay” bill being debated by the state legislature suddenly makes a great deal of sense.

The bill is Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield’s pet project and for the first time in years, it is gaining in popularity within the legislature. The “Don’t Say Gay” bill would prohibit elementary and middle school teachers from providing “any instruction or material that discusses sexual orientation other than heterosexuality.

If this bill doesn’t pass there is a chance – in the supremacist and sexually conflicted minds of Tennessee politicians – that students might become exposed to alluring and tempting ideas about the glamor and thrill of homosexual living in the horny and flea bitten state. In addition to the magical power that so-called “homosexual education” would have on the fetal alcohol soaked minds of the children of Tennessee, legislators must also be concerned about the effect that teaching sex education would have on the faculty.

Tennessee flag

One star for every hole

Teachers would be unable to control their urges to hump desktops and pencil sharpeners in classrooms if they are forced to say the word “GAY” while teaching.

What would become of Wellness Educators like Stacy Hopkins if she were in the position of having to discuss homosexuality?

She would be forced to send pictures of her tits, mound and fanny to teenage girls and she might never experience the thrill of having her students penises shuffling about in her cleavage.

Don’t let the tradition of heterosexual predation come to an end in Tennessee.  Free Stacy Hopkins and no matter what: do NOT say gay in Tennessee.  Save the children…for the heterosexuals to fuck.


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