CO woman Dianeth Pittman brands her child with a knife

May 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

A 39-year-old woman from Clifton, CO has been charged with child abuse in one of the worst cases authorities have ever seen.

Dianeth Pittman

Crazy ass mother

The name and age of the victim of the abuse is not being released, but according to KKCO News, Dianeth Pittman was angry and threw the girl to the ground, causing her face to strike the floor. When the girl was on the ground, Pittman picked her up forcefully by the arms and shoved her face first into a wall. But that’s not all.

Worse than the assault was the branding.

…the girl showed investigators a scar on her abdomen and told them Pittman had heated a knife, placed it on her skin, and “branded” her there. She said Pittman told her if she misbehaved or told anyone, she would be burned again.”

Brutal. Sick. Cruel.

Ms. Pittman was having arguments with her ex-husband (according to the police affidavit) during this time. She was obviously reacting to those heated discussions when she was abusing her daughter or she was overwhelmed when she heard the news about the AIDS tax being levied against Colorado citizens because of rampant homosexuality in the state.

The Colorado State Legislature held a hearing early this spring regarding legislation that would establish a form of relationship recognition for same-sex couples. Ultimately, the bill did not pass, but only after hearings were held that allowed opponents to air their insane fears and hysterical theories about what would happen in the state if gay couples were recognized.

While elected officials and profiteering religious goons were branding innocent, tax paying, law abiding, same-sex couples as unnatural, disease ridden, gawdless heathens responsible for “ending civilization,” Dianeth Pittman was branding her heterosexually reared child.

Keep in mind Colorado has already passed a law – and a constitutional amendment – defining marriage as between a man/woman. That redundant (and common in the US) enactment of supremacy completely overlooks the vile behavior of parents like Dianeth Pittman while demonizing and defaming an entire population of citizens that have done nothing wrong.


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