MN traditional parents chain 5 yr old to crib

May 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

It had to be done.  The kid just wouldn’t listen.

Brian and Charity Miller’s 5-yr-old son “…was getting into knives and other dangerous items at night and gates and door locks were not working” so they chained him to his bed every night after dinner.

Brian and Charity Miller

Nothing stops them from eating

During the investigation into charges of abuse against the couple, police noticed that  “…the child’s room smelled of urine and (he) had a rust ring around his ankle from the chain.”

The child was sleeping in a bed with no mattress.

The Miller’s 8-yr-old son told police that “…he’s gotten into trouble at school for taking food from other students because he’s hungry all the time.”

Brian and Charity also admitted to spanking the 8-yr-old with a fly swatter while he was not wearing pants.

Hopfully this example of traditional and sacred parenting will be included in campaign material mailed to voters in MN in 2012 when an an anti-gay amendment to the state constitution will appear on the ballot. The MN state senate passed the proposal that is also expected to succeed in the state house and will lead to the voters of Minnesota having the opportunity to legitimize their false notion of supremacy.

Amendments like these must be brought to the voters because clearly, same-sex couples can’t be counted on to raise children in the same gawdlike and sanctimonious way that hetero families (aka the Millers) in MN do.

Politicians and religious zealots are drooling at the prospect of an arduous and expensive campaign to demonize LGBT families in MN while completely ignoring the lack of heterosexual compliance to tradition that was made clear in today’s newspaper.

According to the Star Tribunes analysis of census data, “…married couples no longer make up the majority of households in the Twin Cities area.” We must reinforce tradition?  Who is responsible for upholding tradition?

Heterosexual couples can break  – or ignore – any tradition or biblical commandment or directive from gawd, The Pope or Michelle Bachman that they want. Nothing will get in the way of their proven superiority. They are golden.

Brian and Charity Miller’s rights don’t need to be put up to a vote in Minnesota, but the rights of same-sex families are fair game. 

Warren Limmer, sponsor of the bill cites a poll conducted by a religious organization (bias?) that claims 3/4 of Minnesota residents want the chance to vote on the rights of gays.

Limmer asked, “when I think about it, why shouldn’t they?”

They are in the majority, right?  Why shouldn’t they impose their skewed opinion of their own supremacy on a minority?

It’s the right of voters to make same-sex couples uphold the tradtions that heterosexual couples flout.


§ One Response to MN traditional parents chain 5 yr old to crib

  • Laura Myers says:

    I am very good friends with a gay couple here in Oregon who have now taken in two boys from the foster care system. They are in the process of adopting one and would like to adopt the other as soon as his drug addicted parents get un-paranoid enough to show up to child services to sign over their rights as parents (they are afraid of being taken in on outstanding warrants if they go to ANY government run office). These guys are such good parents and have saved these boys’ lives and opened their home and hearts to them when no one else would. Pllllltttt to people who think that LGBT families are wrong!

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