Chris Felix and Jeff McGowan bite and choke their gfs in NH hetero ritual

May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Two of New Hampshire’s finest examples of hetero maleness were arrested this week for committing similar acts of domestic violence on their respective girlfriends.

Christopher Felix

He bites girls

Christopher Felix, 23, was arrested for an assault that took place on April 30 where he “…strangled his victim, punched her in the face and abdomen and bit her face.”

Mr. Felix then grabbed his girlfriends cell phone and instructed her to stonewall the police.

Jeffrey McGowan, 25, was arrested for an assault that took place on May 10 where he “…punch(ed) an adult female victim in the face, (bit) her on the cheek and nose, as well as chok(ed) the victim.”

Jeffrey McGowan

He's a choker and a smoker and a midnight toker

Neither victim sustained life-threatening injuries, but these unrelated crimes mark a potential end of an era among the heterosexual community in New Hampshire.

The hetero culture of NH has been affected by the establishment of same-sex marriage in the state and Republicans aren’t happy about it.

In 2009, the NH state legislature passed a bill that made same-sex marriage legal – one of the few states in the country that extend legal recognition to gay couples. 

Republican lawmakers took control of the NH legislature in 2010 and they are scheming to repeal the law and to reclaim the state’s culture.

Republcian NH state legislators – and brothers – Rep. Warren and Sen. Fenton Groen are advocates of the repeal of the marriage equality law.

Fenton Groen is concerned that same-sex marriage will deeply impact what is taught in schools as he believes has happened in Massachusetts.

Warren Groen says a gay couple threatened to sue his church: “It is affecting my state and its culture.’’

The Groen brothers must be losing sleep at night concerned that the ongoing scourge of same-sex marriage could result in fewer men growing up to be like Mr. Felix and Mr. McGowan.

Felix and McGowan may be the final graduates of traditional education in the great state of New Hampshire that existed before the evil taint of gay marriage took hold.

What will become of New Hampshire if men are exposed to married gay couples??  They might not punch women in the face or bite them or choke them anymore!

The whole culture could change!



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