FL father tortures son with cigarette lighter

May 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

David Thornton, 47, was arrested after a burn the size of a quarter was discovered on the stomach of a boy that was in his care.

The charges are a “type of felony child abuse described as torture under state law.”

It is suspected that Mr. Thornton used a long necked lighter to stab at the boy’s stomach causing the wound.

David Thornton

Provides a safe, secure and emotionally stable environment for his child

The child’s mother was aware of the injury and had been treating it with an antibiotic cream. She also noticed brusing on his buttocks but attributed the bruises to an accidental injury.

The mother has been cleared of wrongdoing, but it seems that the child has been subjected to an unsafe and insecure and emotionally unstable environment in whatever relationship these two heterosexual adults seem to have in relation to the child.

You may recall that the Attorney General of Florida, Bill McCollum, was involved in a lawsuit against the state where he defended a ban on the right of gays to adopt children.

Mr. McCollum hired an “expert” witness named Geroge Rekers to testify in support of the ban. Rekers is a conflicted and mustachioed leader of the snake oil selling ex-gay movement. “He has, by all accounts, dedicated his life to protecting children from the “harmful” influence of gay people.”

George Rekkers

Anti-gay fellow that loves to be rubbed by young men

During his testimony Rekers said that homosexual partners are incapable of “providing a safe and secure and emotionally stable environment for the child.”

David Thornton, who appears to be the heterosexual parent of the tortured child, would have been included among the ideal candidates for parenting based only on the fact that he fucks women if George Rekers or Bill McCollum were allowed to assign parents to children.

The glorious state of Florida was forced to end the ban on adoption by gays but still revels in the delusion that heterosexuals are morally superior.



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