New Hetero fad sweeps the nation: rape/incest of children in CA and LA

May 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Members of two families from Louisiana and California have been arrested this month and charged with a slew of crimes that revolve around the rape and abuse of children by the parents and relatives of the victims.

KABC in Los Angeles reported on May 12 that four children from San Jacinto, CA told police they were sexually abused by their own mother and father, a grandfather and an uncle.

The children range in age from 3 to 10-yrs-old and the abuse is reported to have been going on for two years.

Silva and two Hurleys

Randy Thomassons ideal family portrait

The Riverside County Sheriff listed the charges in a press release as follows: “Monica Silva, 29 years of Hemet, Ronald Hurley Sr., 47 years, of San Jacinto, and Ronald Hurley Jr., 22 years, of San Jacinto, were arrested for 289(b) PC- forcible acts of sexual penetration, 288(b)PC-lewd acts with a child, and 288.5(a) PC-continual sexual abuse.” (emphasis mine)

Riverside County sheriff’s Sgt. Stephen Mike told The Press Enterprise: “It wasn’t a conjoined effort, but we believe on a couple occasions more than one of them was present.”

More info on the lovely family: Uncle Ron Jr is an amateur boxer known as the San Jacinto Kid, Grampa Ron was arrested 12 years ago for statutory rape, and the father of the children is already in state prison so they will have to update us with his photo.

Having read about the heterosexual family values evident in this story (rape, incest, father in prison) it is easy to understand why the Christian supremacist organization Save California is opposed to Harvey Milk Day (May 22) – a new state holiday in California .

In a video released this week, the supremacist homo haters say: “Children as young as 5-yrs-old at risk of being forced to honor and embrace the values of notorious homosexual activist and sexual predator of teens, Harvey Milk.”

Instead, Save California cheerleader Randy Thomasson would prefer children be raised by incesty felons that forcibly penetrate their children.

In a similar yet unrelated story reported yesterday, seven adults have been arrested by Louisiana State Police and charged with forcing three children under the age of 9 to have sex with family members and family friends.

Arrested for incest in LA

Heterosexual agenda poster girl from Louisiana

The acts were reported to have occurred in 2010 and the investigation finally resulted in the arrests of John Stelly, 57, Alice Stelly, 55, Jennifer Stelly, 30, Barry Giglio, 52, and Marla Giglio, 51, and Brandy Blood, 26 for a charges of rape and/or incest. An eight suspect is still at large.

When Louisiana was forced to recognize an adoption by a same-sex couple, Mat Staver the founder of the southern supremacist organization Liberty Council remarked “What, essentially, you see happening are these other states, through the back door so to speak, bringing in same-sex unions through these other kinds of methods. It’s not generally a direct, head-on, frontal assault with regards to same-sex marriage…”

Mr. Staver, like Mr. Thomasson from California, would prefer to see young children forcibly raped by their heterosexual birth parents because that is more in line with their vision of a sacred, traditional family in America.

Don’t piss off gawd by being all homosexy, people. Start fucking your own children so they don’t get indoctrinated by the homosexual agenda.


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