Children of heterosexuals are under attack – by heteros!

May 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Over the weekend various media sources reported a spate of stories about American children under attack by heterosexuals.

In Brooklyn, NY, Laquasia Wright, 18, was arrested on Sunday after her newborn son was found in the trash compactor of the apartment building where she lives.


Bags full of unwanted babies?

The baby survived an 8 story drop from the floor of his mother’s apartment to the basement most likely buffered by accumulated garbage. The umbilical cord was still attached.

The NY Daily News reports that “…the building’s superintendent called police after hearing the baby’s cries from inside a plastic trash bag.”

On Saturday, May 21, ABC News reported on an epidemic of sex scandals in Texas high schools:  three female teachers from three different school districts have been arrested for having sexual relations with their students.

One story was already covered here and is been updated: Brittni Colleps is accused of having an orgy with a group of her students. Another woman, April Alexander, is accused of beginning a sexual relationship with a 16-yr-old student in 2009. Third, Angela New was arrested for cornholing an 18-yr-old student. All three of these tales of ejaculatory excess emanate from the Dallas area.

The Daily Mail article linked twice above has additional tales of female teachers gone wild – check that out!

Finally, a horror story of heterosexual adoptive parenting from Washington state. Jeffery and Rebecca Trebilcock were arrested late last week and charged with starving and abusing five adopted children.

The Trebilcocks themselves appear to be well fed as do their three biological children. According to KOMO News: “The children told detectives their adoptive parents put an alarm in the kitchen that went off if the children went to get food. They were hit with a wooden board if they did.”

Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock

Fat fucks that starved their adopted kids

A video report from local CBS affiliate KOIN states that some of the 5 adopted children were rescued from Haiti. Also, neighbors appeared at the hearing (captured on video) to defend the Trebilcocks saying that “…the couple is being wrongly accused and that the 13-year-old boy has fabricated stories.”

That 13 year old boy was so malnourished that doctors say his growth has been stunted. He and his adopted siblings resorted to eating goat food, dog food and dandelions while being starved by their heterosexual parents.

With horrifying tales of attempted murder of infants, sexual molestation by teachers and vicious abuse and torture of adopted children, one would think an argument could be made that questions the supposed superiority of heterosexual relations and child rearing.

Even in light of the attacks on innocent, law abiding, and respectable LGBT citizens that are proposed and about to get ugly in Minnesota, Tennessee and New York State there is total silence around these nightmarish stories of heteroseuxal behavior.

If LGBT people must be defamed to promote a supremacist agenda or unpopular political platforms then surely these disgusting tales of the criminal deeds of the people credited with upholding tradition and exhibiting natural law should be plastered on every gay blog and news site on the internet.


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