High on bath salts, Johnny Salazar burned his 5-yr-old’s hands with a lighter

July 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

He HAD to do it! The kid was clearly possessed by the devil!!

Police in Chandler, Arizona arrested Johnny Salazar, 25, under suspicion of child abuse for using a cigarette lighter to burn his 5 yr old son’s hands and wrists. “‘The boy was touching his Bible, and he thought the boy may be possessed,’ (Chandler police Sgt. Joe) Favazzo said.”

Johnny Salazar

Instead of soaking in the bath, he snorted the salts

You’ve got to admit – touching someone else’s bible is total bullshit. NOBODY better touch my bible, ok? I don’t care how old you are.

Sure, Johnny wasn’t quite himself at the time of the incident. According to his mon, he was hopped up on bath salts: “‘He kept saying he was seeing demons,’ said Connie Salazar. ‘The demons were trying to get him and we were trying to poison him. It’s the drug. It’s the drug.'”

Mr. Salazar has been having a rough time lately since splitting up with the mother of his two children – the five year old bible fondler and a two year old son that hasn’t yet become possessed by any demons.

This must have been what the voters of Arizona had in mind back in 2008 when they decided to keep the valuable and adored institution of marriage very simple and very clear:  One penis / one vagina; everyone else is a gawdless communist demon from hell that wants to get their hands all over the bible and they must be punished.

AZU mascott

He's gonna touch your Bible!

Last weekend, Johnny Salazar was under the influence of bath salts when he burned / tortured his son. In 2008, Arizona voters were under the influence of supremacist hysteria when they added discriminatory language to their state constitution.


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