NOM rallies against LGBT equality while Otto Herrarte is free to marry

July 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

The National Organization for Marriage is ironing their overalls and abstaining from bathing in preparation for JULY 24 in New York State: the day gays will begin getting married!!

NOMies from all over will converge in a number of cities in NY State that day to express their resentment over having to share privileges with same-sex couples. A Facebook page and website and prayer circle jerk have all been organized. Archbishop Dolan is sure to be on the hunt for polyamorous couples and all traces of incest.

NY Marriage equality

JULY 24 - marriage equality comes to NY State

Between the pitchfork rallies, bonfires and weeping xtians (ahem, Brian Brown) AND the happy couples gathering to celebrate new found liberty, New York State will experience a massive shitstorm in two weeks.

Since the bill was passed and signed into law, the new mission of the supremacist organization NOM is to “Let The People Vote!” Because everyone knows that “the people” can always be counted on to run to the ballot box to vote against faggots: “Voters in 31 other states have been able to decide the definition of marriage for their states, but New Yorkers have been denied that right!”

And what fun is that?

NYers shouldn’t be left out of a one sided battle to enforce dominance and unwarranted supremacy upon a minority population. They’ve got to be allowed to march to the ballot box and do what Crybaby Brian and Maggie the Evil Queen tell them to do:  Get the gays!!  Preserve the privilege of the hetero majority!!

Never mind how often (and without any interference from religious organizations) the heterosexual population flouts the sacred tradition they impose upon the LGBT community. The supremacy of heterosexual relations should continue to be unchallenged in the eyes of NOM and their ignorant religionists. No rights for the gays – but preserve the rights of men like Otto Herrarte to enjoy the privilege of holy matrimony.

Otto Herrarte was sentenced to 35 years in prison on Friday for murder: “Herrarte used a butcher knife to cut the throats of his sleeping wife, Edna, 55, and 14-year-old son, Daniel, in 2009.” His surviving 16 yr-old son David spoke in court prior to sentencing. David told his father, “Even though you failed me, I still wish the best for you.”

Mr. Herrarte tried to convince the jury that he suffered from multiple personalities that caused him to commit the murders. Unfortunately for him, there was evidence of an extra marital relationship he was having with a co-worker as well as the exposure of the lies he told to David to try and cover up his actions.

This piece of shit – this adulterous, murdering, lying, husband, father, sick fuck – will spend the rest of his life in prison and STILL he will be allowed to legally remarry and divorce as many times as he wants to no matter what Maggie Gallagher, Ruben Diaz, Archbishop Dolan or Pope BrownShirt think, feel or say.

Oscar Herrarte

Murderous piece of shit and privileged heterosexual

Those supremacist and bigoted side show freaks will focus only on the hatred and animus they can whip up to direct at same-sex couples that obey laws, pay their taxes, and raise children (or not) while ignoring the horrors that happen among privileged, legal, religiously exempt heterosexual families.

But that’s the price you pay in the US of A-hole’s frat house style of democracy. If you wanna play, you’ve gotta pay…and there is no shortage of idiots out there waiting to make people pay for demanding the privilege to live free of Biblical hogwash.


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