Florida couple guilty in death of 2-yr-old by python

July 14, 2011 § 3 Comments

In 2009 in central Florida, a pet python – that had not been fed for an entire month – wrapped itself around the head of a 2-year-old toddler and crushed her to death. The baby (Shaianna) was resting in her crib in a bedroom that did not have a door.

During the trial a medical examiner testified that “there were also several clusters of puncture wounds … that represent bites from the snake as the snake was (basically) trying to ingest her…”

Jaren Hare and Charles Darnell

Traditional parents, snake handlers, and child killers.

The couple charged with  manslaughter, third-degree murder and child neglect – mother Jaren Hare (21) and her live-in boyfriend, Charles “Jason” Darnell (34) – were found guilty today. Darnell could end up serving more time than Hare due to 6 prior felony convictions. He is not the biological father of the girl.

No details are readily availble about the relationship between the biological parents – was there one at all? when did it end? – but the good news is that Shaianna was being raised by one PENIS and one VAGINA which is what gawd demands -thus it is the way Floridians feel is superior.

Until 2008 the state of Florida had a ban on gay adoptions in place. In the defense of the ban, the state attorney general, Bill McCollum, hired an expert witness named George Rekers to testify. Rekers testified that gay people are “…incapable of providing a safe and stable home to adopted children”

Rekers was a founding member of NARTH (National Assn of Research and Therapy for Homosexuality) a supremacist organization that provides torture (aka reparative therapy) to people that are struggling with sexual identity issues.


Every traditional family should have a snake

This is the same kind of snake oil hogwash sold by people like presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann and her husband Marcus.

Shaianna might have been separated from her biological father, raised by her mother and her felon boyfriend, and  killed by a wild animal in her bed – but at least she didn’t have to face being raised by an unsafe homosexual couple in an unstable home.


§ 3 Responses to Florida couple guilty in death of 2-yr-old by python

  • Will says:

    Im not sure the logic is sound that because some heterosexuals cannot provide a safe environment for adopted children, therefore all heterosexual provision of safety to adopted kids is equal to or less than that of all homosexual provision of safety to adopted kids.

    Further, would you agree there is something (beyond physical differences) inherently different between a biological female’s relationship with a biological female and the relationship between a biological male and a biological female?

  • uppityfag says:

    First paragraph: if the logic of “we” are better than “them” wasn’t being utilized to exclude LGBT families from adoption then I would have a difficult time applying the reverse logic. Rekers is a snake oil salesman that is self promoting at the expense of gay people. There is no discussion of the awful examples of hetero bad behavior – their “superiority” is assumed; above reproach. Meanwhile scurrilous claims are routinely made in general way about LGBT families, couples or individuals and rarely are rebutted.

    Second question: I’m not sure what you are asking me. Is there a difference between the relationships shared between women and those shared between man/woman? If that is your question, my answer is: Sometimes. Not always. I won’t speak in generalities. There doesn’t have to be. It shouldn’t matter if there is or there isn’t. Conduct counts more than characteristics in most cases…depending on the circumstance.

  • Will says:

    first: all i’m saying is don’t play their game. You know better.

    second: I would argue that there is an inherent difference in the relationship between men/women and two women. At the very least we have very different chemicals running through our bodies that affect the ways we think, feel, and express our souls.

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