Traditional marriage and the murders of Leiby Kletzky & Lakeshia Seymour

July 18, 2011 § 5 Comments

Two intensely repulsive murders took place this past week in New York City while in Florida an act of deranged abuse was finally discovered and hopefully rectified.

What do these three terrible stories have in common? They all contain examples of what is considered traditional heterosexual family relations – examples of the privileges that are extended to opposite sex couples who marry and divorce, abuse and kill, while flouting and ignoring all Biblical mandates and religious hokum that is used to marginalize LGBT Americans.

The man that murdered and dismembered 8-year-old Leiby Kletzy last week in Brooklyn was a monster. Whatever motivated him to commit this awful crime cannot be explained away cynically by directing the blame at failed heterosexuality. Even still, confessed killer Levi Aron was a repeated failure at traditional marriage.

Levi Aron

Failed heterosexual and child killer

Aron was married – and divorced – twice; each time to a woman raising a child. There was an engagement to a third woman that was broken mere weeks before the wedding was to take place in 2009. After that relationship collapsed he moved to Brooklyn and lived in his parents attic until being arrested for murder.

Prior to 2009, Aron met a Memphis woman with two children via an online dating site. They were married 7 months after his first divorce. The second marriage lasted for one year. Prior to #2, the Orthodox Lothario was married to an Israeli woman named Diana Diunov.

Diunov has been serving time in federal prison for wire fraud. She met Aron in 2002, they married in 2004 and divorced in 2005. Less than one month after the divorce she married her co-conspirator in the wire fraud case.

Ms. Diunov was interviewed by the NY Post. She told the Post that Mr. Aron suffers from “…stunted maturity that comes from postponing sex until after marriage.”

We don’t know of a link between Mr. Aron’s disgusting crime and his failure at heterosexuality but we can still observe how MUCH traditional marriage was exploited and besmirched by him and all of his wives. Maybe there ought to be a constitutional amendment to protect children from the dangers of men that remarry.

An amendment like that might have saved the life of Lakeshia Seymour, 18, also from Brooklyn NY. Ms. Seymour was beaten to death by her step father last week. He used a hammer to kill her after chasing her through the house, striking the fatal blows on the front porch .

Lakeshia Seymour

Beaten to death by step-father

Lakeshia’s grandparents live across the street and heard the screams of their granddaughter and her 9 yr old sister – the biological child conceived with her mother and stepfather – was home at the time of the brutal murder.

The killer, Jean Simon, 53, heard that Lakeshia had accused him of sexual abuse. He flew into a rage and killed the girl.

That doesn’t sound like the response of an innocent man, does it?

Although the appearance of potential innocence can also be problematic. For example, the case of Sandra Michelle Freeman from Venice, Florida. Late last week Ms. Freeman was arrested and charged with three felony counts of child abuse.

She has been under suspicion of abusing her children for three years but officials were unable to make the charges stick until last week when it was determined that her “…18-month-old son had been doused with pure bleach, chlorine and “pool shock” chemicals that can cause third-degree burns.”

Ms. Freeman is undoubtedly delusional and extrememly mentally ill (“she believes she is being constantly poisoned by bugs coming from her children that get under her skin”) and has been for some time. But what about the fathers of these children?

Sandra Michelle Freeman

Bleached her baby!

The bleaching of her toddler was discovered by the father of that child – among other clues – that he discovered upon visitation. But he kept bringing the child back home. And the other children must have fathers too. Where are they? Don’t they have even the slightest bit of concern for the children they created – or does their obligation to the offspring end as soon as the orgasm is over?

Sure, Ms. Freeman is out of her fucking mind – but what the fuck is wrong with the fathers of these kids; the heterosexual fathers that have the liberty to marry (or not) divorce (whenever possible no matter what gawd, the Pope or Michelle Bachmann thinks about it) and procreate / ditch their children to be raised by a psycho?

 To make a generalization about all men – or just about step fathers, or men that abandon their children or fail completely at heterosexuality – would be unfair and defamatory. Yet in this country we have a number of states whipped into an irrational, extremist, religious frenzy over the concept of gay people being legally married.

What have same-sex couples done to deserve the defamation that is spared from murderers and abusers and abandoners like the three stories reported last week?


§ 5 Responses to Traditional marriage and the murders of Leiby Kletzky & Lakeshia Seymour

  • Will says:

    murderers, abusers, and abandoners are not unique to heterosexuals…

  • uppityfag says:

    I’m sure they aren’t exclusive characteristics, which is why I said this toward the end:

    “To make a generalization about all men – or just about step fathers, or men that abandon their children or fail completely at heterosexuality – would be unfair and defamatory.”

    And that statement is far more generous of a nod to balance than would ever be heard from a Bachmann, Santorum, Perkins, Diaz, Dolan, Gallagher et al when they discuss and demonize same-sex families.

    They ignore the filth in their own front yard while they bitch about the neighbors.

    • Will says:

      i agree. I think the point to be made is this: stop bitching about same-sex marriage when there are family issues like these going on in the marriages you [Bachmann] approve.

      its like demonizing the poor forstealing pennies when the rich are stealing homes.

      O wait. that happens…

  • MaMu1977 says:

    Mommy *always* gets primary custody, even if she has to tell the judge that her soon-to-be ex-husband diddles other children as if diddling children is one of his requirements to live. After the soon-to-be ex-husband has been dragged through the emotional/legal/financial wringer by his ex-wife, it’s quite possible (assuming that he’s earning less than $30/hour) that he just can’t *afford* to protect his child. After all, even *if* he’s been exonerated of a claim of child abuse, the claim in and of itself is enough to restrict his access to his child. If he tries to remove his child from a dangerous situation (eg. the last case on this post), he’s as likely to be charged with kidnapping as anything else.

    Let’s use this last case as the perfect example. The mother’s picture shows possible methamphetamine addiction. She believes that her children are incubating and releasing insects into her personal space in an effort to attack her and puncture her skin . She had repeatedly bathed her children in caustic chemicals. Did you read *anything* in the source article that mentioned even the slightest *consideration* of the idea of allowing the father to take custody? If there was no mention of paternal custody, do you realise that the most common form of kidnapping in America is “non-custodial parent holding onto their child w/out custodial parental permission”? If he’d decided to “save” his children, she could have (well, given her mental state, she *would have*) gone to any police station and reported the “abduction” in as lurid a manner as possible. Now, despite the fact that she *bathes children in caustic chemicals*, her *husband* becomes the abusive parent in the eye of the public (because no one’s going to announce their suspicions of abuse on her end until she kills one of the children, as seen on the other entries of this site.) When woman=nurturer and man= (possible) abuser/”definite” money source, nurturer always wins custody (even if her nurturing skills are piss poor.

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