Natural Law ALERT: Hetero father (Jeremiah Lee Wright) decapitates son (Jori Lirette)

August 15, 2011 § 12 Comments

A revolting story out of Louisiana emerges Monday morning about a 30-yr-old man that decapitated his own 7-yr-old son, Jori Lirette.

Why would a father do this to his own child? Well, he told police “that he’d gotten to the point where he was tired of taking care” of the boy.  Sounds reasonable, eh? The boy was born three months premature and suffered from cerebral palsy and required a wheelchair and feeding tube. I’m sure Mr. Wright’s suffering was far worse than that of his son.

Jeremiah Lee Wright

Mug shot of privilege - this man's right to marry will continue to be recognized while he is in prison

 Also, Mr. Wright apparently was also tired of his long term relationship with the boys mother, 27-yr-old Jesslyn Lirette.

As an expression of his change of heart toward his live-in love  (the mother of his child – the woman he shared his life with even though they weren’t married), Mr. Wright left the head of his son by the side of the road for his mother to find.

Stories of the examples of gawd’s chosen people – THE HETEROSEXUALS – don’t get much more charming than this one. These are the people that are touted by numerous right wing, religious extremist, scheming political climbers as being natural and traditional examples of gawd’s will. Those schemers are building careers off of demonizing and spreading lies about LGBT families.

Just last week, presidential candidate Rick Santorum couldn’t decide if gay people were more like napkins, soda pop or margarine. A fringe Republican politician in Florida compared gays to ice cream novelties. This weeks leader of the charlatan pack of wolves, Michelle Bachmann, refused to elaborate or defend her remarks about LGBT people on Meet The Press because, to paraphrase, “no one gives a shit about faggots, so shut up, Dick Gregory.”

That’s true, Shelly, no one cares…but you and your fellow Elmer Gantry’s sure love to talk about us. You’ll say and do anything it takes to march your supremacist asses into the White House – and if that means recklessly stomping on LGBT people then so be it.

You and your fellow crusaders are on a mission to obtain as much power as you possibly can. This gives you the privilege to ignore sick motherfuckers in Louisiana that decapitate their children because they are tired of the child and want to punish their girlfriends – and instead you all focus on families that have done nothing wrong, but are roadblocks to your supposedly Christlike ambition.


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