Natural Law ALERT: Hetero father (Jeremiah Lee Wright) decapitates son (Jori Lirette)

August 15, 2011 § 12 Comments

A revolting story out of Louisiana emerges Monday morning about a 30-yr-old man that decapitated his own 7-yr-old son, Jori Lirette.

Why would a father do this to his own child? Well, he told police “that he’d gotten to the point where he was tired of taking care” of the boy.  Sounds reasonable, eh? The boy was born three months premature and suffered from cerebral palsy and required a wheelchair and feeding tube. I’m sure Mr. Wright’s suffering was far worse than that of his son.

Jeremiah Lee Wright

Mug shot of privilege - this man's right to marry will continue to be recognized while he is in prison

 Also, Mr. Wright apparently was also tired of his long term relationship with the boys mother, 27-yr-old Jesslyn Lirette.

As an expression of his change of heart toward his live-in love  (the mother of his child – the woman he shared his life with even though they weren’t married), Mr. Wright left the head of his son by the side of the road for his mother to find.

Stories of the examples of gawd’s chosen people – THE HETEROSEXUALS – don’t get much more charming than this one. These are the people that are touted by numerous right wing, religious extremist, scheming political climbers as being natural and traditional examples of gawd’s will. Those schemers are building careers off of demonizing and spreading lies about LGBT families.

Just last week, presidential candidate Rick Santorum couldn’t decide if gay people were more like napkins, soda pop or margarine. A fringe Republican politician in Florida compared gays to ice cream novelties. This weeks leader of the charlatan pack of wolves, Michelle Bachmann, refused to elaborate or defend her remarks about LGBT people on Meet The Press because, to paraphrase, “no one gives a shit about faggots, so shut up, Dick Gregory.”

That’s true, Shelly, no one cares…but you and your fellow Elmer Gantry’s sure love to talk about us. You’ll say and do anything it takes to march your supremacist asses into the White House – and if that means recklessly stomping on LGBT people then so be it.

You and your fellow crusaders are on a mission to obtain as much power as you possibly can. This gives you the privilege to ignore sick motherfuckers in Louisiana that decapitate their children because they are tired of the child and want to punish their girlfriends – and instead you all focus on families that have done nothing wrong, but are roadblocks to your supposedly Christlike ambition.


§ 12 Responses to Natural Law ALERT: Hetero father (Jeremiah Lee Wright) decapitates son (Jori Lirette)

  • rochelle says:

    gays and heteros are of the HUMAN species, this guy was not a human, he was a filthy animal and I hope they treat him as such in jail.

  • The CAT says:

    My belief about Gay marriages and Gay couples adopting is that if the couple wanting to adopt is of adult age and lead responsible lives, that should be all that is required of them to have these options. I am a heterosexual male and I’ve never had any problem with Gay people just because of their sexual orientation. There are many who are judgemental about homosexuality and my belief is that it is not my place or duty to explore the lives of gay people and judge their beliefs because I guess only God could do that and I’m not God.

    My belief is that if God does truly exist, he would be intelligent enough to have his priorities in order and instead fight oppression, starvation, pollution and sickness and other problems that affect both gay and straight people alike as these issues are of a greater importance to the existance of life on our world………..

  • The CAT says:

    As for this guy, I’d rather have two gay roommates and live in a “Three’s Company” type setup than live with this animal. Rochelle above hit it right on when she said this guy isn’t even straight or gay, he’s subhuman. The world would be a better place for gay and straight people if I saw his head by the curb in the morning.

  • Kelly says:

    What this jerk did to his son had nothing at all to do with his sexual preferences or God. To relate those things and come to the conclusions you did is just ignorant and casts a bad light on people in general.

  • Kris says:

    Did you really just take a story about a murdered child and turn it into your gay agenda?! YOU are disgusting. I’m so appalled and embarrassed. As a lesbian I’m obviously all for gay marriage, but you took it too far and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Sonia says:


    • Jeff T says:

      The point you missed completely, and is the of all UF’s is that no one is working to take away the marriage rights of all these truly awful people. And it is a gay issue as long as politicians and religious leader can get away with demonizing gay people unchecked. Find something else to get appalled and embarrassed about, Sister.

  • M and M says:

    HETERO MY FOOT. You mean phsychero.

  • JB says:

    I am one of the support counselors for the Lirette family. I agree this is not the forum to discuss this, but if those who use this forum feel it benefited them they have the right to discuss it. Thank you for recognizing how sick Jeremiah is!

    As for defining marraiges or denying marraiges, I see your point as stated above. Dispicable people from all varieties are allowed to marry, but others are denied because of their sexual partner choices. Then again, who is the compass keeper who would decide who should or should not marry? What if churches issue liscences and those liscences grant spousal benefits. Notice I did not say Christian churches, just churches. Then Big Brother could stay out of making those decisions.

    For those who pray in their own manner, please pray for the Lirette/Wright families as the trial will be starting soon.

  • jesjori says:

    1st off let me say this i know a couple of gays and lesbians people who would dare not post shit like this as Jori mother i ask nicely that u please do not compare my relationship to Ur point Ur trying to get across to the Man because Mr. Jeremiah Wright was a deeply disturbed person this has nothing if he was happy or not in a relationship yes we had happy times but its stupid people like use that fail to realize happy times come in many ways, i dare u say Wright was suffering cause the fucking bastard had it made in the shade he did not work and he had no bills and all he was asked to do was took look after his son after he got off from school until i got off of work i Dare u tell me he suffer cause in my eyes he did nothing but bring shame to his self by doing what he did, your looking for an opt. please do not use my son as one or his story, im sorry they wont pass the bill for y’all guys to adopt or for y’all to get married but please don’t push the issue using an innocent Child’s name think of some other way. thank you so much.

    Jesslyn K. Lirette

  • Lin says:

    Wyf r u kidding me!!!! This is a beautiful child who had lots of people who loved him how dare you compare this story to yours it has nothing to do with the point you r trying to get across. Guess your parents didn’t teach you respect Comparing your rstory to this story shows you don’t respect your self so their for you can’t respect others. you should be ashamed of your self for saying his father suffered more than he did. Wyf grow up, get a life and gain self respect so you can then respect others

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