TX Gov Rick Perry VP Choice: Elizabeth Escalona

September 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

In a bold move Texas governor and Presidential candidate Rick Perry announced that he would be proud to share his ticket with a woman that upholds the legitimacy and supremacy of heterosexual child bearing. 

That woman’s name is Elizabeth Escalona.

Rick Perry's ideal VP candidate

Ms. Escalona was arrested on Friday under suspicion of child abuse after reportedly kicking and beating her two year old daugher and then gluing her hands to the wall.  The abuse was in response to a “potty training” issue.

The two year old girl (that turns 3 next month, assuming she lives) is on life support in a Dallas area hospital. The Dallas Morning news has posted the police report that details the injuries an eye witness account from the sibling of the injured girl.

According to the sibling Ms. Escalona dragged her daughter across the floor and beat her with a jug of milk in addition to kicking the girl in the stomach.

This horrible story highlights Presidential hopeful Rick Perry’s staunch support for rule of law.

Perry was recently showered with gales of applause at a Republican candidate debate because of the 200+ executions conducted while he served as governor. Americans thirst for leaders that takes no prisoners.

Who would argue that “pooping your pants” wasn’t an executable offense?

Ms. Escolona’s daughter did NOT deserve the treatment she received – and probably many of the prisoners executed by Governor Perry DID deserve to be incarcerated – but what about same sex couples? Do they deserve to be abused and treated like political footballs to help pave the way for Mr. Perry’s ascension to the presidency?

Governor Perry signed a pledge that he would advocate for a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage. He also said he would investigate (glue the hands of?) LGBT advocates that do work to oppose religious discrimination and supremacy.

Sounds to me like Rick Perry would embrace a woman like Elizabeth Escalona as his second in command. The two of them appear to be uncompromisingly certain of their superiority over others.




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