Frankie and Kayla Almuina from AZ are arrested after posting pics of their superior heterosexual parenting skills

December 30, 2011 § 5 Comments

New Years Eve trivia question: Which Arizona parents received duct tape for Christmas this year?

If your answer was Frankie and Kayla Almuina you were absolutely right.

Taped her child's hands and mouths shut! Merry Christmas

The couple were so eager to share their duct tape joy after Christmas that they grabbed their two kids, bound their hands with tape, took pictures of them, and then posted the pics on Facebook!

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, ain’t it?

“(The children’s) mouths were taped shut, and one of the children was hung upside down by some exercise equipment, according to the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office.”

One child is 2 years old, the other is 10 months old.

Unfortunately for Frankie and Kayla, the police were tipped off to the photos and arrested the couple, charging them with suspicion of child abuse.

Some people just can’t take a damn joke. The Almuina’s were only joking, for Christ’s sake. It was A JOKE!

The Almuina’s are real jokers…as are the majority of voters of Arizona.

Hung one of his kids upside down and took a picture!

In 2008, 56% of the voters passed a state constitutional amendment to discriminate against same-sex couples. “Arizonans understand that marriage is much more than a legal arrangement between two people – marriage has an impact on the entire society.”

Heterosexual couples in Arizona need to codify their supremacy over same-sex couples because they need to preserve their right to duct tape their children, hang them upside down, and post the pictures for all the world to see. That is their gawd given right. That kind of privilege should not be shared with same-sex couples.It’s simply not what gawd wants.

One man. One woman. Two kids. Duct tape. It’s simple and clear.


Filthy Forsyth, GA family keeps a dead ‘possum in the house and a dead teen in the yard

December 1, 2011 § 8 Comments

Robert and Laura Lancaster decided to enjoy a weekend at St. Simons, Georgia (a resort community) leaving their teenage son at home to fend for himself.

Robert Lancaster

Likes dead opossums

Their son is 14-years-old. What could go wrong? The couple already raised two other children that are away at college. They know what they are doing…besides they are a legally married, heterosexual couple from the south.  Southern Americans know the proper way to live and raise a family.

We should all follow their example. Don’t you think?

Not entirely. 

The Lancasters were arrested and charged with 2nd degree child cruelty following an investigation into the death of 15-year-old Trey Spencer. 

 Trey’s body was found in the Lancaster family’s backyard following a night of partying with the Lancaster’s 14-year-old son while Robert and Laura were out of town.

The 14-year-old told investigators they (he and Trey) smoked pot, drank bourbon, ingested prescription medication and huffed dust cleaner the night before he died..”

Laura Lancaster

Mildew queen of Forsyth, GA

Dust cleaner? What the hell is dust cleaner? Pledge? Endust? Clearly the Lancasters were not paying attention to their son’s recreational activities.

Come to think of it, that might be the explanation. Robert and Laura aren’t being charged in relation to the death of Trey Spencer. They were locked up because of the conditions of their home.

Sheriff’s deputies discovered piles of feces, rotting food and dirty clothes inside the house. The walls were covered with mildew and mold and the air was thick with insects. Furthermore, a decaying opossum was being kept inside.

Sounds awful, but that is what the voters in Georgia believe is the Biblical traditional view of marriage

The voters in the great state of Georgia decided resoundingly in 2004 that they had no interest in any form of recognition for same-sex couples. The Lancasters might have been ambivalent about the living conditions of their son, but that is their right as a heterosexual couple with the seal of approval in the state of Georgia.

Christian, gawd fearing, supremacists in Georgia were concerned that if the gays were allowed to marry children might not be raised in homes that store rotting animal carcases or leave children alone for weekends to huff furniture polish.

Long live traditional marriage!



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