Filthy Forsyth, GA family keeps a dead ‘possum in the house and a dead teen in the yard

December 1, 2011 § 8 Comments

Robert and Laura Lancaster decided to enjoy a weekend at St. Simons, Georgia (a resort community) leaving their teenage son at home to fend for himself.

Robert Lancaster

Likes dead opossums

Their son is 14-years-old. What could go wrong? The couple already raised two other children that are away at college. They know what they are doing…besides they are a legally married, heterosexual couple from the south.  Southern Americans know the proper way to live and raise a family.

We should all follow their example. Don’t you think?

Not entirely. 

The Lancasters were arrested and charged with 2nd degree child cruelty following an investigation into the death of 15-year-old Trey Spencer. 

 Trey’s body was found in the Lancaster family’s backyard following a night of partying with the Lancaster’s 14-year-old son while Robert and Laura were out of town.

The 14-year-old told investigators they (he and Trey) smoked pot, drank bourbon, ingested prescription medication and huffed dust cleaner the night before he died..”

Laura Lancaster

Mildew queen of Forsyth, GA

Dust cleaner? What the hell is dust cleaner? Pledge? Endust? Clearly the Lancasters were not paying attention to their son’s recreational activities.

Come to think of it, that might be the explanation. Robert and Laura aren’t being charged in relation to the death of Trey Spencer. They were locked up because of the conditions of their home.

Sheriff’s deputies discovered piles of feces, rotting food and dirty clothes inside the house. The walls were covered with mildew and mold and the air was thick with insects. Furthermore, a decaying opossum was being kept inside.

Sounds awful, but that is what the voters in Georgia believe is the Biblical traditional view of marriage

The voters in the great state of Georgia decided resoundingly in 2004 that they had no interest in any form of recognition for same-sex couples. The Lancasters might have been ambivalent about the living conditions of their son, but that is their right as a heterosexual couple with the seal of approval in the state of Georgia.

Christian, gawd fearing, supremacists in Georgia were concerned that if the gays were allowed to marry children might not be raised in homes that store rotting animal carcases or leave children alone for weekends to huff furniture polish.

Long live traditional marriage!




§ 8 Responses to Filthy Forsyth, GA family keeps a dead ‘possum in the house and a dead teen in the yard

  • Stu Smith says:

    there is NOTHING wrong with these people God Damn It!

  • realist says:

    has nothing to do with gay marriage? if I thought all gays were like you, I wouldn’t want them do anything they wanted either. this is a disgrace to the gay community, families and friends of that unfortunate, misguided boy, and the heterosexual married couples of Ga. you’re so very ignorant. I hope they never accidentally see this disgusting post. RiP young man..

  • uppityHUMAN says:


    You turned a tale of child cruelty into a completely nonsensical rant about gay marriage not being allowed in Georgia. Sure, gay people should be allowed to marry, what people do in there homes with a consenting partner is there problem. But shame on your face fuckwit for using some kids suffering and the loss of his friend to progress your own agenda. Wait, your an uppity fag, what did I really expect from the worlds lowest common denominator. Being gay doesn’t involve being rude. That’s all you ass hat. Change your handle to uppitytool. Your opinion is obviously worthless to the gay community.

    • phuong says:

      Does being a deplorable human being mean a disregard for spelling and a proper argument? Maybe next time you comment on the commentary over something in the news, you should read the facts of the situation first. The article is linked above, should you bother to fact-check, but here it is again in case you missed it the first time:

      Let’s take the “child cruelty” claim on your part to task, first. “[T]heir 14-year-old son and neighbor Tray Spencer drank bourbon, smoked pot, huffed dust cleaner and took prescription drugs.” Damn those parents for only leaving alcohol, marijuana, dust cleaner, and drugs for their 14 year old son to ingest! Had he just eaten that dead possum and shared it with his friend, everything would have been a-okay! 14-year-olds sure have no handle on how to take care of themselves, so it’s a good thing that an 18-year-old adult was around to watch over them.*

      Now on your argument that it shouldn’t be able gay marriage rights, you’re right. Mr Uppityfag should not have turned it into something about Georgia not recognizing gay marriage, but he did, and he makes a point about it (albeit, satirically): opposite-sex married couples have just as many problems as same-sex couples—sometimes more!

      In short, instead of getting your facts straight†, and, let’s face it, instead of reading the post through to a level of comprehension, you decided to take an offensive stance against what was written. So before calling anyone “the worlds lowest common denominator”, “ass hat”, or “uppitytool”, you should adopt the handle “uppitycuntwhojumpstoattackwithoutthefacts”, lest someone call your opinion “obviously worthless”.


      *That was sarcasm.
      †That was a pun and may have been easy to miss.
      ‡Yes, I just called you a cunt.

      • Teddy says:

        This I endorse.

      • Marcus, Melbourne, Australia says:

        I 2nd that endorsement! These people need to realize that if they don’t like what’s written in the blog, then they shouldn’t let the door hit them, where the Lawd split them!

  • Marcus says:

    we had a word for people like uppity. drama queens or trolls or assholes. but i think we should classify him as a disgrace to the human race.
    these have no connection to gay rights. its like me saying the roman empire was destroyed because they were all gay.
    anyone who uses the suffering of others for their benefit is evil.
    for the record a 14 year old is not stupid nor helpless. they know right from wrong and can choose which to follow.

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