CW Nevius – columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle – has an integrity problem

August 18, 2012 § 8 Comments

TWO TIMES this week SF Chronicle columnist CW Nevius has published information that is either in conflict with facts or with statements he previously made.

On Thursday, August 16, 2012 Mr. NevANUS wrote a column about a growing controversy in the tightly knit Catholic LGBT community residing in the Castro neighborhood – the predominantly gay district of San Francisco.


In that column Nevius cites an event that never occurred as an example of outrageous queer behavior happening inside a Catholic Church:

It should also be said that some of the gay groups that have been using the hall have gone way over the top. Several years ago the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence featured a drag queen known as Peaches Christ, who waved a crucifix shaped like a dildo. Even longtime gay parishioners thought that was too much.

Not only did that never happen but Nevius says that there are LONGTIME GAY PARISHIONERS that were offended by this fictitious event.
This ridiculous fabrication is published a time when the Catholic Church has hired a political activist as Archbishop of San Francisco who doesn’t hesitate in expressing his desire to manipulate his followers into demonizing and marginalizing a minority group simply to bolster his own power.
The inflammatory lie promoted by CW Nevius was “corrected” in the SF Chronicle the next day and was also addressed by the author in a blog post at the Chronicle website (
But did Mr. NevANUS apologize for the dissemination of an outrageous and damaging misstatement of truth? Did he explain that he should have verified his sources or should have offered his readers and the general public an explanation of who he spoke with or perhaps identify who the “longtime gay parishioners” were that he claims were offended?
He did nothing of the sort. In fact, he made a joke of the entire fiasco.

A bona-fide direct descendant of Jesus

Then in his column published today, Saturday, August 18, CW Nevius took the maligned (yet democratically elected) Sheriff of San Francisco to task for “avoiding responsibility” and “dodging charges” made against him.
Hilarious, right?
The only problem is that FIVE months ago, Mr. Nevius had a completely different take on the persecution of the Sheriff.
Here is an email I sent today to Mr. Nevius about the contradictory statements he has made about Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi:

Mr. Nevius –

How do you explain the sentiment expressed in your column dated Saturday, August 18:

“There was a time, when this started, when Mirkarimi could have stood up, taken complete responsibility for a serious lapse and announced he was getting help. He might have kept his job. Instead, he’s done all he could to dodge the charges and avoid responsibility. If he loses his job, it is because he brought it on himself.”

Read more:

with the sentiment expressed in your column from Thursday, March 15:

“And come on, do you really think Mirkarimi’s former colleagues want to grill him at the Board of Supervisors? That’s a no-win. He’s already said he is guilty; the rest is just piling on.”

Read more:

Which is it – has he dodged charges and responsibility or has he already admitted guilt and is being exploited?

Has his admission of guilt faded from your memory?

Perhaps you heard from many anonymous (and fictional) LGBT Catholics living in the Castro neighborhood that Mr. Mirkarimi performed at the Moist Hole Redeemer Church waving a dildo/crucifix around and declaring his innocence.

Are you capable of discerning fact from fiction?


Patrick Connors
Twitter: Uppityfag


§ 8 Responses to CW Nevius – columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle – has an integrity problem

  • Teddy says:

    This person CW (if that is his real name) is doing SFGate readers no favor in the just-the-facts department. He seems allergic to them, and quite willing to spout the opinion of the moment to please his masters. Not the mark of a decent columnist or commentator or opinist.

  • Michael McKeon says:

    I’m putting on a dress and pooping in that church. Right in front of this fascist

  • Ian Smith says:

    First time stumble onto this site. Curious about this evident multiple class bigot, research led to laughs of recognition. Nicely done. I was thinking the same for an article in works for Street Sheet. See I also have a problem with well-to-do, chichlet-toothed, smarmy looking pompous windbags with a calling for violent actions toward homeless citizens. Why? just because we don’t own as much? Violence begets violence. NOBODY i hope wants that. People like him, tunnel-visioned, narrow minded, narcissistic puppets are just that. Empty shells until their owners animate them by sticking their hand where no sun shines. Yet I bet he thinks he is still in control of his life and career. Dumbass. Once you start writing falsities and fictional drivel, people notice, bosses start to pay attention, and you develop a series of checks and balances you aren’t even aware exist. Check out future issues of Street Sheet as I will probably reference you and your blog. Check out some of my earlier articles: Stay in touch. Funny…..:)

  • Dan says:

    Do you really think that it is persuasive for you to call people names or alter their names to have a sexual meaning? Are you 12 years old?

    Also, please clarify whether you are encouraging one of your commenters to defecate on the property of MHR. I’ve already got a screenshot of the comment and your response, but I’d like you to make it clear that you are actively encouraging a criminal act.

  • It’s true! I encouraged some one that lives in Southern California to poop in front of a church!

    Is that a crime?? I thought it was freedom of speech….

    I’m MUCH older than 12 by the way.

  • Remarkable! Its genuinely amazing paragraph, I have got much clear idea regarding from this article.

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