I’m an office monkey with a chip on my shoulder. Bitten by the freelance bug in 2010, I spent a year writing a column at SF Weekly and now I’m trying this…while posting on FB and Twitter and working like a monkey in a cubical.


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  • Hey Uppity,

    I stumbled across your blog today, and am a big fan! I appreciate your sass and editorial style. Keep up the good work.

    Kevin Farrell

  • jonnieboi says:

    Love your blog. Outspoken and knowledgeable!

    • Patrick Connors says:

      Thank you!

      Feel free to share and subscribe and comment…print out and post in a restroom…what’s mine is yours!

  • Will says:

    im curious about 1. your spelling of God
    2. what your definition of Supremacist is

    (this is in relation to a cartoon you published of GLBT civil rights being crucified by what are made out to be religious people).

  • uppityfag says:

    I spell Gawd with a W because that is how I heard the word being pronounced by my aunt when I was a child. I grew up in WNY and there is a definite nasal twang and the phonetic spelling seemed to fit my irreverent take on the Supreme Being.

    People take the higher power deal a bit too seriously.

    Next, my definition of supremacist is pretty much what I find at answers.com via the American Heritage dictionary: “One who believes that a certain group is or should be supreme.”

    Thanks for the follow, comment and interest…

    • Will says:

      you do not believe that a certain group is or should be supreme to another?

      • uppityfag says:

        No I don’t think one group of people should be automatically given a set of privileges with 0 scrutiny while another group of people is denied the rights and defamed in the process of excusing the granted privilege.

        That’s pretty grotesque.

  • Will says:

    well i think that unreconcilable Nazis should be denied more rights than those who are wise.

    point being that the word Supremist is useless. It is supremist to say supremist. Of my creed is a good creed. (or it should at least be acceptable).

    • Will says:

      I do not mean to personally attack you or upset you in any other way. I simply want to understand and hold your posts (which i enjoy very much) to a standard by which extremists on both sides (of any issue you care to apply sides to) do not hold themselves or others.

  • Marcus says:

    don’t you love how the Internet gives you the ability to lie without getting into trouble? see ya tomorrow dude.

  • Morgane Byloos says:

    Hey Patrick,

    This is Morgane from Local Addition. I’ve been reading a lot of your posts. They are really cool. I’d love to get in touch with you about a possible article. Feel free to contact me at mbyloos[at]localaddition[dot]com.

    I look forward to hearing from you!


  • Devon Yaffe says:

    After finding out I could choose any topic for my Senior Project, I decided on one that was closer to home: Overcoming Adversities as a Gay Teen. As a member of this ever growing community I planned to branch out to the gay community in ord er to hear the stories of gay youth. This documentary tells the story of ten gay males, ages ranging from 15-82. We find out how each of them overcame their adversities as a gay teen throughout each generation. Please enjoy.

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