PA mom leaves kids coated in feces and locked up

April 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Chelsea Champey – a 21 year old mother of 3 from the Philadelphia area – offers a unique lesson in child rearing for same-sex families that just can’t seem to get it right.

Her advice:  lock your 2 yr old up in a room secured by a dead bolt lock to keep the feces in a controlled environment.

Chelsea Champey

Feces mom

“(Champey) admitted that she locked the two-year-old upstairs, police said, telling an officer “if (the girl) was allowed downstairs, she would have the main floor in the same condition as the third floor.”

It just makes good sense, don’t you think? 

That room may need to be repainted if your child is anything like Chelsea’s because the police noticed that “…scrape marks on the inside of the door…were within the reach of (the girl’s) height and are suspected to have been from (the girl) clawing at the door to get out.”

One solution to the scraping could be regular manicures or possibly starting a movement that would eliminate the possibility of legalized gay relationships to preserve traditional child rearing techniques like Ms. Champey’s.

Pennsylvania has not passed an amendment to their state constitution that prohibits recognition of same-sex relationships but there is a state law on the books that defines marriage as exclusively heterosexual.

That law helped the children of Chelsea Champey to feel secure that they were upholding tradition even when they were left at home alone for hours under the care of an invisible babysitter. Gawd IS the ultimate invisible babysitter. Gawd provides care and nourishment – but not to children raised by gays.

Chelsea’s kids (aged 4, 2 and 1) were given access to food whenever they needed it: while waiting for the social workers to arrive, “one little girl pulled a cookie from between the couch cushions and began to eat it.”  Who do you think put that cookie in the couch? G-O-D did, that’s who!

Traditional values must continue to be protected from the evil influence of same-sex families that might not allow children to be exposed to god’s hidden cookies.

Oh homosexuals…you have so much to learn.


§ One Response to PA mom leaves kids coated in feces and locked up

  • notsotrophyusmcwife says:

    This poor excuse for a human being does not deserve children. How pieces of trash like that are able to crap out children left and right where as stable couples (whether same sex, or frankly not rich) are given an extremely rough time when it comes to adoption.

    Have you checked out this woman’s myspace? She proudly states she has children and smokes all this marijuana. Why did CPS not get there sooner?

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